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Drinking Alcohol Moderately
According to my believe drinking,whether minimal or not is against christianity.Paul says in Hebrews we should avoid sin that entangles so much and all loads that may be heavy on us for we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.I strongly believe in not compromising the word of God.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
Has anyone seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose?
This is a true story. You may want to watch this before jumping to conclusions that all power is God's and good. I don't recommend movies, but I think it would be good to point out there are unexplainable things that happen to people.

Once Saved Always Saved
lisa, Your attack on Ron is exactly what you are protesting for yourself. You can't have it both ways. You assaulted him, said he was wrong, and now say you don't know what he believes. Were you wrong to jump to conclusions? Were you wrong to presume? I believe you asked for that one. Then you play the innocent victim.. Oh poor me, what did I do to deserve that. Or you demand someone owes you and explanation. Who are you to make these demands?

Non-Christians Married In Church
"Communion" will be valid only for the Christians who take part. My denomination doesn't include this item, but the bride may just admire it, a way of celebrating with everyone. She may not even know what it's for, herself. You could ask. And ask the pastor, what does he intend by including communion in the wedding? My pastor won't even marry a couple if he's not satisfied that they're both saved. Be happy for them but keep praying, and sharing Christ.

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