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Posted On Facebook
I myself do like posting YouTube videos on my FB page, I go and find the official videos of that artist that are posted on YouTube by their record label who by placing it on YouTube in an official capacity agree to have it shared for viewing on YouTube and all associated sites. He may have stumbled, but there is no need to get out the thumb screws. Restore the brother gently, patiently and all of these justifying, body slamming and knockout punches may not be so necessary as They will know us by our love and all that good stuff.
In His grip.

Taxpayer Paid For Abortions
The book of Proverbs is full of references to leaders/rulers/kings and what their roles and responsibilities are as they govern peoples and the admonitions to be a righteous ruler verses a wicked ruler and what the outcome and consequences are for both.
In His loving grip

Bare Bottom Spaking
Mark, you are always very gracious to me and I appreciate our friendship on here. I am extremely glad to hear about your son, that is a blessing that any Christian parent could give thanks for. Susan Wesley mother of the Wesley brothers, mother of 19. Said she had two rules that her children knew by age two, fear the rod and cry softly. If you check the contributions of her children throughout history, they are amazing. I have children in my family who need only firm words, and others who need more sometimes, but every form of discipline needs to be done in love regardless of the form.
In His grip

Are Head Covering Needed
Good reply Joseph. It symbolizes submission to the man, who in the family represents Christ as the head. It is her glory to submit. We even see this principle in the life of the Master as He submitted to the Fathers will and was glorified and exalted, being lifted up and given the name that is above every name through His humility and obedience, Phil:26-9. One thing that is still debated is whether the head covering just meant the length of hair, or a material fabric head covering.

Bare Bottom Spaking
Thanks Mark, I cant justify this parent, but I can say this as a father of 6. It is very easy to become extremely over protective and controlling with your children when you look around at the world and see all of the traps and dangerous ideas and opportunities that are waiting to take a hold of our children like a shark and devour their lives, dreams, minds and futures on a daily bases. Also, many are basing their discipline on the way they were raised, and many are trying to raise a child while having so many personal demons that they havent even dealt with. Many times their personal battle is taken out on the child and they pass a vicious cycle on in ignorance.

Bare Bottom Spaking
Katie, you have a couple choices to make here, 1, you need to decide what kind of daughter you want to be to your parents and think about your responsibilities as a 15 year old young lady. Also, you need to communicate with your parents about this and tell them what you think so they know that you feel what your mom did was violating to you. Try to let her know that you felt it was beyond punishment, and it was degrading and abusive. See where your mom stands after she hears your thoughts, dont try to make her feel guilty, just tell her how you felt about it and let her know if you are genuinely sorry for disobeying her and take the next step from there.

Evangelical Protestant
Catholicus, why are you using your good sense to refute and comment all our nonsense. Seems like a pretty silly way to spend your valuable time. Is this pure entertainment for you? I couldnt imagine going to a site dedicated to UFOs or Big Foot sightings and spending my time reading and responding to their posts. I would feel like I traded in my so called good sense. Perhaps you have a different need by coming here that you dont even realize. I will be keeping a prayer on you friend even if I do think youre a silly fellow.

How Did God Speak In OT
You are right Mark. Good meat in that post. I think that it is very easy to equate our Lord only coming into the world during His earthly birth, IE the manger in Bethlehem, and we lose site of the real awesomeness of His eternal presence in the God head. A misunderstanding of this can limit our appreciation of the Masters great position and the sacrifice he made by leaving His eternal glory to descend from His thrown and suffer the shame of His human circumstances and death on a cross, Phil 2:6-8. It can take some Spiritual weight lifting to get a handle on the doctrine at first, at least for a thick headed Bear like me.

How Did God Speak In OT
I can agree with Cluny, and this would be known as Christophonies, Christ appearing in the OT, you will find some examples with the Angel of the Lord and Abraham when restrained from sacrificing Isaac, Joshua and The Captain of Host, The burning bush just to name a few. Research the words used in those passages and you will find the Hebrew names of God interchangeable within those interactions. Aside from that, we had signs, miracles, the law and the Prophets who actually became possessed with the external power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim, Thus Say the Lord.
Just touching the tip of the burg

Who Was Jesus
My new friend, how could I prove to you something you dont believe in regardless if it were true or not? If you dont have a genuine question, then you cant get a real answer, you seem to have all of the answers you want on the matter. Your comments still dont negate my first response based on your absolute statements of you being sure there is no God. I am not asserting there is a God, I live as if there is one and that is not a question, but my reality. Also, are you sure there are no unicorns, I am not, but if there were, they wouldnt appear to affect my eternity as the question of God does yours.
In His grip

Is Christianity A Blind Faith
Biblical tools are very profitable, at the same time, the illumination, and revelation that comes from the Spirit through faith and regeneration is super natural, surpassing any tool that Ive ever used. As for reasoning, of course were called to reason, using are intellect, but the intellectual faculty is not the prerequisite for salvation, a childlike faith is. The Jews in particular were not recognized in the ancient world for great intellectual pursuits. The disciples were by in large unsophisticated common folk. The Master said if you do you will know if what He said was true. We enter through faith, and can understand what he wants through the Spirit, Bible and gifted teachers without being a philosopher. In His loving grip

Who Was Jesus
All I know for sure is that God did not create anything, as God is only a product of human imagination.
That is a false assumption logically speaking that is. You simply cant know this for sure without being omnipotent/ all knowing.

Explain Matthew 3:14
Hey Mark, glad to still see you around here fighting the good fight and still full of grit. I liked your post after mine, good stuff. here in Ak, we are not getting much sun, but after this many years you just role with it, enjoying it when it comes. Im trying to share a little more on here again, but its hard to not get wrapped up in some of the mudslinging at times. As Ravi Says, Whenever you start throwing mud, both sides lose ground. Im not here to prove, but to love and gently reprove when I think it may help somebody get a clearer picture of the Master, or help them to see stuff from another angle.

Rebelling Angels In Bible
Could this question be past the realm of knowledge that the Bible has provided for us? Some of the answers seemed to be presumptively based on opinions that dont directly relate to the Bibles record of Angels, their position or their fall and, extra biblical sources that are based on speculation from people standing outside of the facts of scripture. Even when using inductive or deductive reasoning, one still risks crossing a line, authoring ideas that may be not true. The reason I mention it is because when we argue a useless point, and anger and harsh words are produced from the discussion, it would seem that evil fruit has been born rather than the love that They will know us by.

Explain Matthew 3:14
In the text, just the inference that can be concluded from Johns reaction points to the fact that John was astonished that He would even be asked to Baptize Christ as if the righteousness of His cousins character had even preceded the revelation revealed to John of Christs office of Messiah. Christs righteousness is not in question here, He is making a public declaration at the beginning of His formal ministry through the acknowledgment of His Father, the dove and being set apart in baptism. He is also giving His stamp of approval for the sacrament of Baptism which in concluding events became a part of conversion for His disciples and the early Church from Acts on symbolizing death, resurrection, public declaration and cleansing.

Tithing Is Old Testament Law
Thank you for your words Chria. Michael, Point taken. Gary, you bring out a great point in regards to the context of the tenth as a war tithe, and that is good dialog. See, this helps to clarify questions rather than blasting Churches choices without even knowing a fraction of the real motives and traditions of these numerous members of the body. Many Churches may be in error, but the Master may not judge them so harshly as us, while at the same time their chastisement may be very severe, but He knows how to take care of his Bride without His other children throwing rocks IMO.
In His grip

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