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Decorating A Christmas Tree
Jeremiah made reference to a celebration that involved decorating a tree. At Jere. 10:3-5 it speaks of a mere tree being decorated with silver and gold. Then in vs. 5, it is compared to an idol that cannot speak or walk and ends with the point that the doing of good is not with them.

Do Our Works Save Us
James 2:17 brings home the point that faith without works is dead. A heart felt study of the bible will help us to see what constitutes good works. The main activity in Jesus ministry was teaching others about his Father. Today, we have the holy scriptures to guide us to be footstep follows of Christ.

Are You Doing God's Will
God gives everyone on earth the chance to gain everlasting life but in order to gain this gift of life, we must worship God in the way He approves and live our day to day lives in a way that is acceptable. The only way is brought out in John 17:3.

Roman Catholic Abuses
Maybe if a priest could take a wife there'd be less incident in the RCC?

Just a thought.

Peter had a wife

Once Saved No Spiritual Growth
If we are not how then will a Christian have joy if he's constantly providing himself with his own sanctification.

Do you really think God is in Heaven disowning us for each little sin?

Sin is an infirmity effecting every human life. Have you been worried lately? That's a failure to trust in God's provision, it's sin.

Even if someone was sinless for the rest of their life it's by God's power

Remarry Same Spouse
Anything less than a husband and wife together for life is not what God intends for marriage and is an abomination.

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