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Teenage Boys Not Remembering
In today's culture deference to and respect for elders has lost significance in many ways. It is still ingrained in some young people here in the South and it makes my day when I see it and hear it (I'm 67).

I was raised to not refer to adults by their first names, it was just a given.

I commend you for trying hard to instill good manners but I fear you are swimming against the tide. Don't give up, though.

One more thing. From a man who is neither a grandfather nor father, perhaps they are a bit too old for the spanking threat. A removal of privileges for a time, extra chores or a good old fashioned "grounding" may get their attention. Just my 2 cents-lol!

Christians With Depression
My illness is diagnosed as chemical imbalance related. I am nearly 66 and have done well in my life in spite of many hardships that depression had made more difficult to deal with.

It has actually helped me to love and understand the Lord better and has given me the tools and compassion to help those struggling so hard against depression.

I appreciate your comments, Monk Brendan.

Not to say that every case is strictly medical, but this is my personal experience.

Christians With Depression
I have personal experience with this as well. Cluny is dead on correct. Thank you, sir.

A Burping Demon
I predict that there will be far more questions directed to you than speculative answers.

Some specific details from you would be very helpful.

Vain Thinking Of Men
Because, as human beings, it is against our nature.

Saturday Is Day To Worship
Never mind the Saturday thing. If you are in an abusive relationship with a narcissistic person, get out of it IMMEDIATELY! Cease all contact.

This person is "right" no mater what. To them, it doesn't matter what you think, you're always going to be wrong and they won't let you forget it.

Is God Omni-Present
Possibly He appeared on the scene for the benefit of Moses and the people, like it might make a bigger impact to show up in person.

Kind of like a parent saying to the child "Don't make me come down there!" Rather gets the point across more succinctly if mom or dad actually shows up.

What Is A Terrorist
Does the frustrating behavior of unwanted relatives and neighbors, especially younger ones, count?

Prayer For Healing
Praying for you, Cluny

Christians During The Tribulation
I used to believe in the rapture theory wholeheartedly, but after studying the issue more closely I do not feel that the rapture will happen, at least until the end of the tribulation.

I'd really like it to be escape and be done with it. I am concerned that many rapture believers will not be prepared to endure the terrible things the tribulation will bring upon them. Hence, a great falling away.

If the pre-trib rapture happens...wonderful! I will gladly be wrong. But I don't feel it wise to count
on it.

An Apology Please
I truly hope my post was not misconstrued. It was meant as the greatest compliment. You did rightly, you did well.

An Apology Please
Though I have not personally affected, I greatly admire and respect your sincere humility. Blessings.

It's one thing to be convicted of wrong behavior, sit in the corner, mumble "I'm sorry, God, I'm sorry, God." all by yourself, while contemplating one's navel to get rid of guilt, then continue on one's merry way like nothing happened. This costs one nothing. Quite another to confront the offended party(ies), offer a sincere apology and do whatever one can to rectify the situation in a tangible way.

Being a bit sarcastic, here. Just making the point that this godly behavior among Christians is rare.

Prayer For Darlene NOW
Wonderful news, Darlene!

Prayer For Darlene NOW
Prayers for you, Darlene. May all turn out well.

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