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Can I Marry A Hindu Guy
I disagree with alot of what is said here. No disrespect to anyone but any form of extremism is wrong... That is not what Jesus would have wanted.

Is The Pope Perfect
He's a human, and just like any other human, no he's not perfect. Humans elected him, to be the pope, and only a small group of humans too. It's not like we all voted on it. And they could have just as easily elected someone else.

What Is Unequally Yoked
If you get married to a murderer, it probably means that. Someone who you know, wouldn't make a good husband for you. Nothing to do with religon and race or anything like that.

Is Science Against God
*rolls my eyes* Let him go. It's not your life it's his. It won't turn him against god. I'm ver science orinetated. I've sort of developed my own views where I can let science and religon be together.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
Have you been pushing him to be Chrisitan or something? Maybe he thinks your ignorant. Why don't you ask him abotu it. And sit and listen without inturupting

How To Save My Husband
Every single person on this website is so ignorant. You need to understand that not everyone shares your view. Do you want to be good and pure? Then let him do what he wants. If you keep pushing him he might leave you. Freedom of choice woman. Just because he doesn't belive doesn't mean hes going down under. If gods good he wont not send people to heven just because you don't belive in him. Thats like a human going Im going to kill you because you don't like me. Its ignorant. Leave your poor husband alone

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
And there was that one thing I remember reading on here about a Christian man getting burned because he tried to spread Christianity,just because one certain group in the community does it,that does not mean the whole community does it.Most Hindus are very peaceful and violence is against their religion.

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
I accidentally stumbled upon this site and I must say most of the responses to this are just stuipd.If your in love your in love.Religion and all else doesn't matter.Just because you believe your religion is true,doesn't mean its true for everyone else.I believe theres only one god and people just choose to worship it in different ways.Hinduism actually has only one god.He takes different forms for different tasks thats all, I'm going to make more then one post to fit everything in.

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