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Who is Joyce Meyer?
Frank: I apologise for a lack of interaction here at times. I am training to Preach and also writing books, so time is always filled up with busy days.

I just want to encourage you here today, when your heart speaks, the Lord hears it, never mind others approval, He approves of you and loves you, that's all that is important.

I Am A Prophet
Brenda: you need help, its Christ's church, His Gospel, we are His Servants, the 'pope' promotes 'not taking the bible literally' - so do you take any of the 10 Commandments 'literally'? Or just when it suits you. The pope is NOT the Vicar of Christ, he is a man, a sinner, saved by grace. Vicar in the Greek means vicarious, which translated in English is 'substitute'...the 'pope', so the pope is a substitute for an OMINITISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT God? Um, NO!

I Am A Prophet
Catherine: I realised it was not 'safe' to be a Lone Ranger, be assured God will VINDICATE you, just be patient, take heart that God will teach, counsel, direct and train you. Though please know this from my heart, He will never use us UNLESS we speak truth in Love, Humility and Meekness. Remember the Lord used the 'desert' to teach Moses 'meekness', word study that word for me. There are 'preparation' years, THEN He will release you. xxx

I Am A Prophet
Catherine: One more thing my precious sister who longs to speak for Him: God is a God of order - remember that. Pursue to understand His Holiness, pursue to develop His character, Christlike character. Stay alert for DISTRACTIONS - Trust Him, He KNOWS you, and has done so for a very long time Psalm 139. xxx

Who is Joyce Meyer?
Frank, you have wise things to say at times, and I applaud that.

I've thought about the ranting and raving here, back and forth and all I could hear from God was that 'it grieves Him'.

We act like spoilt children all wanting our Father to come here and say 'Oh this one is special', deception is so subtle. The need to defend oneself is simply 'the flesh'.

If you are mature, please, act like it, if you really know the risen Christ, speak as a son who reflects His Lord.

I Am A Prophet
Crucified: "The persecution has begun", oh I say Glory!...You are walking in His will.

Yes, its begun here: Davis, hush, you are treading on very thin ice, thus Sayeth the Lord!

Davis, I can just imagine you now, hissing and spitting like a true tare amongst His Body.

Be careful my Davis Pharisee, be very careful, its His Gospel, and we are His chosen ones, and HE sends us, teaches us, trains us,

I Am A Prophet
and heres some wisdom:

He hears and sees your every word toward His people.
Psalm 139, last verse for you Davis: I'm sure you will be on your knees repenting for the next week, that is, if you serve the Christ I do, repent accuser of the brethren for your father is the devil!

Remember what the Lord did to the one who tried to exalt himself above God: your seams are splitting with the same Pride.

I Am A Prophet
God has two commands for you, love Him and love others, now theres some good sound wisdom for you to meditate on for the rest of your breathing days!

Instead of being a slave to coveting the gifts in others the HOLY SPIRIT wills to give, do as your commanded to do.

Serve HIM, and leave His sheep alone: He is one shepherd that will not tolerate a wolf like you daring to tear down His annointed, called and sent ones~!

Who is Joyce Meyer?
Bob, you really are 'stooping over', seems all that insecurity in you raises its ugly head at times.

Nevermind Bob, Im sure the Lord will promote you from sweeping the floors as soon as you have your Pride issues sorted out.


I Am A Prophet
Crucified: your so welcome. Its so obvious that many here comes from all kinds of doctrinal backgrounds -- why can't we just love Christ, reflect Him and show Him to others? I know that just sounds too simple. You are so right to have a heart for His church -- He is drawing you to the things most important to Him, His people...for we are the only ones who can show Christ to others.

I Am A Prophet
Oh so your a male:

lol: forgive me, many apologies.

Well in that case, pray the Lord would give you godly men to be influenced by, teach you, father you, ones you may look upon as sound, balanced models of Christ and ones who LOVE Christ with ALL of their HEART MIND and SOUL. Men that will allow you to be you, extend the same grace, mercy and 'time to grow' as the Lord gave to them when they were on their "L" plates in becoming known to Christ.

False Prophets In Church
Jody: you are spot on.

Davis, I am a Preacher, of course, you'd have problem with anything to do with women in the pulpit and God.

How about you learn to see His daughters through His eyes rather than your own - after all Christ's example in the bible is aplenty for you to be inspired by.

My 'barbs' are very unpalatable, only to those who are insecure, immature, given to 'offense' and are interested in truth.

False Prophets In Church

True prophetic people AREN'T looking for 'titles' - true prophets point people to two things: Repentance and Christ.

False Prophets In Church
Davis, please to not tar all people who have a prophetic calling as ones 'looking for attention'. Prophetic people are weird, different, kind, lovely and very misunderstood. Yes, false prophets have hurt pastors and people - ONLY when discernment was absent. Never mind False Prophets being the object to throw stones at here: if people are in tune with the Holy Spirit, regardless of their calling, they will steer clear of any person who self grandeurs themselves.

False Prophets In Church
True prophetic people are looking for 'titles' - true prophets point people to two things: Repentance and Christ.

I am gifted in the Prophetic - did this happen overnight, no way. Have I made mistakes, absolutely. Am I special more so than others, no. I cant stomach this false humility about not being able to say with courage that we are what we are.

God exalts the humble and humbles the proud.

That goes for ALL christians, leave the prophets alone,

Who is Joyce Meyer?
Yes x 3 was deliberate.

Listen you guys, the men Im talking about, could you just for a moment get off your religious legalistic pedastals, take your hand out of your pocket, stand up tall instead of legs apart (the Power Stand) and for the women ya'll form of godliness does not mean you love Christ!

Do you people know how to be real???

Do you realise how sickly fake and sickly sweet doesnt do anything but make us look 'unapproachble' to the average unbeliever?

Can't Stop My Affair
You see, only you can choose to stop something you 'allowed' to begin. Only you can come to a place of understanding this really isnt His best for you. Only you can realise that the longer you continue to choose sleeping with another man, it will not glorify Christ. Only you can ask Him to turn away in the act of lovemaking with another person that you did not promise to commit to in a marriage covenant, before God.

Can't Stop My Affair
Whether there are problems in either of your marriages, only you can come to a place where you realise digging a hole in the sand and covering up the reality that you are most of all dishonouring your precious body, all for the sake of momentary pleasures that will load you down with guilt, each time you chose to step into that sin. You see, when a woman, is secure, in her Father's love, when she truly understands how beautiful she looks when He washes His word over her, as her face shines...

Can't Stop My Affair
reflecting her Father's love,it is this kind of woman that also understands her true worth in Christ, far above the preciousness of rubies. When His Son, Jesus, walked a lonely road to Calvary, in total obedience to His father, as difficult as it was, He asked His Father for the strength He required to obey.. He only wanted His Father's will. Next time you choose to sleep with this man, remember, only you can stop it, with His strength, if its His will you really desire.

Trust Him, He loves you.

I Am A Prophet
Crucified: You've probably 'sensed' God all your life. If you were to look back in hindsight, and IF it is His plan that He has called you 'before you were born', you will see a pattern of 'where do I fit thoughts' meaning -- prophetic people, especially if they are not raised with Godly parents or influence, they 'know' that there is a 'purpose' for their life, it just is one that doesnt fit into the norm of society expectations.

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