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Prophets Of The Bible
It's Christians that kill each other with "friendly fire".

Are you now determining who are favorite prophets should be?

It's controversy that gains the votes.

Frankly, I wish the votes would go away. Some are jealous, wondering, 'who shall be first?'. Some are bitter.

We're all important in the Body of Christ.


What Is Your Favorite TV Show
Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation movie. The squirrel hanging on Clark's back, running up and down the stairs, the exploding dried up turkey, cat on the tree lights... and cousin Eddy lighting a cigar while he drains his motorhome. Cousin Eddy, "I don't have a job yet. I'm holding out for a management position." "We can only stay a couple of months, Clark".

Gemstones Falling Into Church
Helloooo Alan and Helen, believe it or not, that program is from a U.K. network. Both the gemstone, and gold room programs were on there. Neither of the incidents are on national news. I don't know if Bruce caught the program.

No Money To Tithe
Mrs. Williams, buy groceries for your table. God looks at your heart. You are a giver. I'll pray for you, Mrs. Williams. I don't believe in saying that lightly as a Christian catch phrase. I mean it.

Thanksgiving In USA
There's a reason they call it "Stuffing".

Can I Destroy His Reputation
Johnny, anger may come.

Brother's Wife Having An Affair
I say, stay out of it.

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