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Eloi Elio Lama Sabachthani
Jesus obviously was not saying that God forsook him. Jesus was in "his" hour of "tribulation."

With his last breaths of life, he was teaching that a time so dark and so dismal will come upon his followers (those who are members of his body). that it will appear as if God has forsaken them.

In the Great Tribulation that comes upon Christs followers, it will appear so. And, many will say and believe in that future time period: My God my God why have you forsaken me.

Explain Mark 9:1
There is nothing mysterious about what Jesus said.

He is referring to "future" fellow followers like those who were "standing" there at the time.

Jesus is not saying that those persons in the future will never die, as they will die. He is saying that they will not die "until" they first see the kingdom of God coming in power. It is at that time in the future that they die and are gathered to be resurrected. (Matt 24:30-31)

No person can enter into that kingdom unless they die first. Then they are given a "new life: in the resurrection.

What Is The Second Death
The Second Death implies a "First Death."

A First Death implies that a person will have had lived once and brought back to life again in order to have a Second Death.

Jesus said "all" persons will be resurrected. (Acts 24:15 and John 5:28)

Therefore, all persons will have a "Second Life" (resurrection) in order to be subject to the Second Death.

The Second Death is simply a state/symbol of non-existence. It is also called the Lake of Fire. (Rev 20:14-15)

Anything placed in it no longer exist. Hell and Death and Satan are placed into it. Meaning what? They will cease to exist. (Rev 21:4)

Help From Church If You Tithe
Christ ended the Law requirement.

Why are some trying to live by an old law rather than by living in Christ?

It is like saying Jesus' sacrifice was for nothing.

Yet, those who wish to live by this old law, ignore the other 600+ laws given to Israel (not Christians).

It is hypocritical.

Few Christians Really Saved
All of these things have a future fulfillment. Notice the "future tense" in these Scriptures.

None of the events in The Book of Revelation has had a start of fulfillment. They are many many years ahead of us.

John said those events that he saw were events that were to occur in the Lord's Day. (Rev 1:10)

The Lord's Day is far into the future. It does not come until after the Great Tribulation and when the Lord's sign is seen.

Read Matthew 24:29-31

Explain Matthew 10:37
Jesus is referring to a future time on earth where loyalties will challenged.

A time will come in the future the where there will be a beastly New World Order over all of mankind on earth. It will misled all of the earth.

Members within ones own household will be loyal to it. Some watchful and faithful followers of Christ will not.

Their own family members will use the "family thing" to encourage them to worship this beast and its image. Who will you have greater affection for?

Avoid False Teachings
This view to "avoid" false teachings is an unscriptural one. Who determines what is a false teaching? Some established religious organization who speaks as an authority for everyone else?

The Scriptural view is found at 1 John 4:1. It is an "individual" responsibility to put to test all that any human or human agency puts before us "as if" it is from Scripture.

As individuals, we are to put to the test all that is written or spoken to see if it is from God.

That means listening to a teaching presumed to be false and "then" see if it measures up with is written in Scripture. We should not blindly dismiss a teaching as false because someone else has made that determination for us.

Future Tribulation Coming
Just prior to Jesus' sign being seen in heaven (Matthew 24:31), Jesus said that his "followers" would go through a "Great Tribulation." (Matthew 24:9, 29)

Not the world itself. "The world" will be the source of their tribulation.

The Book of Revelation message was not addressed to the world, but to Christs followers, "to show his servants what must soon take place." (Rev 1:1)

A Great Tribulation will come, but it is very far into the future as the world will be an entirely different place. There will be an entirely new beastly system of ruler ship over the earth. It will be the source of tribulation upon Christs "faithful" followers.

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