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Confess Adultery To Husband
If your husband really loves you he will come around. Will it hurt him? yes. Will he be angry? possibly. Will he blame himself? possibly. You both need GOOD solid counseling, you your self also. To hide the wrong will not right it, found out why you had the affair. Then you both can be on the road to true recovery in your marriage. It will not be easy, the repercusions of sin never are. Know that God really loves you and will work on your behalf the way He works it out. God bless I will be praying for you and your husband.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
Honestly, if you are having all these problems with the age gap, you need to break up. Age gap relationships are not for everyone.

You start by listing some good qualitites. If you can't handle the view of 'society', you owe it to this man to end the relationship ASAP.

Will Noah's Ark Be Found
Noah's Ark has already been found. You won't hear about it on the news, because then all the atheists would have to admit that they are wrong.

Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
What is the "Law of Moses"? Paul places the covenant (10 comandments) with the civil law and presents it as a whole package. Circumcision is NOT included in the 10 comandments. Keeping the 7th day (Sabbath) means you don't do 'work' (for income that can be put off). It does not mean you have to go somewhere to 'worship'.

Any Native Americans Here
Russell Means, Lakota indian activist and actor calls himself American Indian, not native american because everybody born in this country is a native american. I agree with him.

Donald Trump And Christians
Personally I don't have a problems with churches having bookstores. They can have a lot of materials that can help people.

Are Abortions Ever Right
lee, according to your 11/25 post, your sounding like a broken record.

George Bush's Legacy
I don't know what GWB's legacy will be. All I do is pray for the man, according to scriptures, for God's wisdom, discernment and protection during these challenging times.

It's The Mother Or The Child
I have spoken with several women who had abortions and all of them were done for birth control only!

Birth control is to prevent conception. Abortion is terminating an already conceived child's life. Abortion as birth control is illogical.

Humor Blog #16
A well-used Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't!

Are Abortions Ever Right
If a fertilized egg has no blood then why does it grow anyway until a few weeks later when there is blood, huh? Dead things don't grow so that fertilized egg has to be living! Hello! The interuterine device (IUD)method of birth control can cause an egg to be expelled which is an abortion. This is common sense. Birth control is to PREVENT conception, and an IUD can disrupt and cause a life to end that is in its beginning stages.

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
Don't beat yourself up, Virginia.

Should Women Hunt Men
No matter what the world says that dating rules have changed, men still like to pursue a woman, especially when she plays hard to get. Men love the chase. It's the way they are designed.

Are Abortions Ever Right
I know what Leviticis says, however, as God designed for an egg to be fertilized it is the beginning of a human life! To say there is no life just because at that millisecond of an fertilized egg may not have blood makes no sense because that egg starts to grow anyway Human life BEGINS from the miraculous moment when an egg & sperm unite.

Donald Trump And Christians
On the other hand, I'm reminded that Jesus was a friend of sinners. Besides his disciples, those were the people He hung out with. I don't know Mr. Trump's faith (or if he has one) either. It would be wonderful to see him get saved. All that $$$ could be given to so many ministries. If I did follow Mr. Trump's principles to get rich, that's where I'd be putting the dollars to use for. Not so I could live in a big house, drive a fancy car, wear designer clothes.

Donald Trump And Christians
I don't want to be like Donald Trump money wise. What does it profit a man to gain the whold world yet forfeit his own soul?

Are Abortions Ever Right
Jeanne, there is the alternative of ADOPTION in those extreme cases.

Are Abortions Ever Right
Scientists have proven that at conception, when an egg is fertilized, everything is already there for a human being until old age. All that is needed is time for growth and development. Weeks go by before a woman realizes she's pregnant, by then a heart is beating.

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
My condolences to you Virginia & Lawrence who have lost loved ones to suicide. It's so important to try & reach ones who are in such depths of gloom before they make that fatal mistake. As one who's experienced that kind of lows, I did have a chance to talk this past summer to a woman who tried to kill herself by swallowing pills & alcohol and just woke up later rather than dying. She is doing better and hasn't attempted suicide again. Suicidals need hope & encouragement!

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