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Is Mary Special In Heaven

Ruben, the WOMAN in revelation is Israel not Mary. The 12 stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel, just as we have been shown in Joseph's dream in Genesis. Mary came from the tribe of Judah and in no way represents the 12 tribes or even the 12 Apostles. SHE, Israel gave birth to their promised messiah. SHE, Israel being the wife of The Lord.
---kathr4453 on 5/3/14

OK, it can be Israel BUT to say it can not be Mary makes no sense. Mary gave birth to a "Male Child Son who will rule the world like verse 5 says. Did Mary give Birth to Jesus who is the child spoken of in v 5 Y or N?

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
chris, quit trying to go around the issue. You use Matthew 6:7 for vain repetitions and I was showing you that you are reading into the verse, making it out to what you want it to read. Maybe you need the Hail Mary's..

Once Saved Always Saved
Sheila-(But Bible shows OSAS is true.)No it does not 1 JHn 5:18 is talking about deadly sins not about being saved.RO 8:24 has the word HOPE, if you are already saved why have HOPE> 2 tim 2:13 what about verses 11-12 which says IF you die in christ and IF you perserve, 1cor 3:15 you have to go thru fire to be saved, if osas why go thru fire. Please respond to the others verses I listed and tell me why you believe in OSAS when the bible clearly shows it does not say you are once saved always saved.

Can A Church Minister Forgive Sin
Peter-(it's the religion that is not completely in line with the bible)How do you know that it is not in line with the bible?

Explain The Rosary Beads
Alan I agree that Mary was not there in the beginning, never said she was. But to say that Mary is not the mother of GOD is denying the trinity. Yes he had a divine nature and a divine spirit, but he was GOD always. That is why they wanted him dead, cause he made himself to be GOD! In luke Elizabeth said how is it that the MOTHER OF MY LORD should come to me? And In John Thomas said MY LORD AND MY GOD..

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