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Did I Meet An Angel Last Year
Hi,it is possible you saw an angel.I have seen angels,even death angels though I could not get close to them because they disapeared as I moved towards them.They do exist and sometimes we are allowed to witness them.

Discern Holy Spirit In People
Elsie,you will know them by their fruits.

Use Everything To Locate A Mate
Eddie,there is a pen pal /chat section for that.

My Husband Has Many Problems
What kind of problems?

How Do I Stop Procrastinating
Dear El and others,
I gotta give you a straight up answer on this because I am the worlds most procrastinating person.
We joke about it but in reality it is not pleasing to God,he calls it being slothful.
So what's the answer?I'll share a portion of my morning prayer.
"God please help me to accomplish everything you would have me to do today and may you be glorified by my work,let me not be slothful or lazy but do all you want me to do,thank you,praise your Holy name".

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Hello Arnold,
Do you know for certain that this lady is
Have you prayed for God to help her if she is?
Do you think that her sin of fornicating is different than your sin of judging her for it?
I too know a woman who is doing this,I will
continue to love her unconditionally and pray for Psalm 46:10,God bless.

Where Are The Men Of God
Dear C,
The real men of God are out looking for the real women of God.We can only influence weaker brothers by refusing to live in a worldly way,but everyone will make their own choices.And since no man or woman is perfect we will all make mistakes,God isn't through with any of us yet.

I Am Sad Because Of Divorce
Dear Andra,
If that is your only wrong doing in life you must be a saint,I'm not saying your wrong,only that you seem to feel that way.
God will not condemn you ,you have suffered enough,be at peace and move on with your life.Kathy 3339 has told you to write to her,she is a fine person who has been through it and she is going to be alright.I will pray for you as I do for her.God bless you.

Will God Punish Me For Feelings
Dear Debra,
When you say you WAS married to the abusive man,can we assume you are no longer married to him?I encourage many people that they can
do all things with Gods help,and there have been times when married women have had the wrong feelings for me,I simply tell them a truth- "if a man will cheat with you he will eventually cheat on you,and I care too much for you to hurt you".
It is not the answer they wanted to hear,but they always respect me in the end.

Who Is A Real Christian
Dear Lisa,
Do you think christians never hurt each other?Please don't judge all christians as
players because a relationship did not work out,perhaps God was protecting you and allowed the relationship to fail,perhaps he has someone more suitable for you,and maybe the guy was a jerk who hurt you and if that is the case be thankful he's gone.May God direct you to the one you need.Bless you.

I Have Feelings Of Hate Toward God
Dear Sherrie,
Why did God take my only son the day he was born ?Why did God give his only son to save us ?I honor my son by loving every child I can ,when I can ,and I have a deeper appreciation of what God has been through.
Although you don't understand why,I assure you God allowed this for a reason,Talk to him,he has something to say to you.

Does God Forgive Sin
Dear Jayne,
To repent means to have a change of direction and attitude,to have a change of heart.If this is the woman in question,she need only confess to God and ask forgiveness
and he will forgive her.Remember don't judge God by peoples reaction,as there are many self-rightous attitudes.

How Do I Know God's Will
Dear Anna,
When I have to decide on anything I always ask God to have his way in the matter simply
put,God if this is your will so be it,if it is wrong for me take it away and give me peace about it.He has NEVER failed me .

Why Do Christians Lack Pray
Dear Vivi,
Would it be easier to live closer to Biblical
standards if the devil did not tempt you?
Why would he not tempt you?it is only if he already has you.Training may have something to do with it,satan influences every thing in our lives,tv,movies,music,relationships,etc.etc.

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