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Is Boxing Unchristian
I'm a20 year old amateur boxer. The comradeship and love that fighters develop in the ring for one another far surpasses violence. I began boxing and found myself reading the bible because of it, it has strengthened my relationship with Christ Jesus, i have not had alcohol in 3 years, i do not go out late, i live a disviplined life this is all through god giving me the strength to box and become a better person. In how many other sports do oppenents give each other a loving hug? Rarely ever will you see two fighters not hug. The pain in boxing is temporary but what you learn and feel from it is unreal, their is no team in a fight, but if you close your eyes, regardless of win or loss you are not alone! Jesus Christ is watching over you!

I Don't Like Being A Wife
What you're going through is perfectly normal and he is unselfish if he treats you well inspite of it.

You've got to come to terms with your feeling of inadequacy. Its also normal. You are a great parent and a great wife. What man would not want to know that his wife is also protector and shiled to his kids? what man would not yearn for such security?

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Not Humble, not sincere, narcissistic, in love with her self and too rehearsed, scripted and boring. I have heard the word of God and it don't sound like any of them.A sign is nigh. You'll know.

I Want Another Baby
The first question you must ask in this debate should be do I really want another child and if I do what do I want another child for. BTW your suspicion about someone close 2 U is true. Pray.

Plan Of Salvation
It is that plan that will only be revealed when you are totally committed and then enlightened. Your difficulties will now be overcome. U have a very deep pain.

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