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Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
I believe that you should. Besides God says for us to return back to our husbands. You need to forgive and let go and let GOD.

Two More Prophets Coming
11:4 These witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. So look up psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet ( word is a lamp being the key ) meaning two lampstands are his words old/new testament. Oil is the holy spirit look up Zechariah 4:2-4:6 revelations 4:5 too long to put it in here

Tithe To Be A Good Member
No! We pay tithe because God has given us so much and we want to help others. Look God gives us so much and there are others out there that will and can benifit from it. And to me i don't think it matters if you give it to your church. You can use it to buy bibles to send to less fortunate countries. You can use it to feed the poor As long as it goes to God's works.Give your tithes so only the father knows what you do. Do not give so others may look upon you with good eyes, they matter not.

Garden Of Eden In Missouri
I am ex-mormon/anti-mormon. Missouri: Doctrine & Covenants from LDS teaches Eden in Missouri. The LDS church doesn't believe in Trinitarian concept accepted by the Nicene Council, it accepts godhead. Three for both. Father, Son, Holy Ghost - Trinitarians, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -Mormons. The mormons believe the godhead is comprised of 3 persons one godhead while the Trinity concept comes from the Nicene creed. Jesus is cosubstantial, how exactly does he sit at the right hand of the father?

How Big Is The Remnant Church
I got some news for you, TS, SDA has a false prophet, EW, that you're following.

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
in genisis 124-25then in genisis 2:18-19 it says it in reverse of eachother first the animals then man. Then it says first man then the animals can't have it both ways. I do believe in the bible and all that it has said. I noticed this just the other day and was curious if perhaps i was missing something. Moderator what do you think.

Catholic Church Like Mormons
doctorine sholud only be changed if we discover that our translation on the different early texts are mistinturperted. Which as time goes by our understanding of what the book says gets better. So we should praise those who try to search for the full meaning. and know that the good lord understands that we are trying to do the best to understand and live by what he wants us to do.

Who is John Hagee?
i think chipper is correct, This is not the 60's people be passionate for jesus and what you believe, not violent, but passionate. We need to be his verbal soldiers. always on the lookout for the false teachings so we can help our fellow brothers and sisters better understand what the scripture says. There is nothing wrong with showing satan for who he is. i don't really watch pastor hagee that much so i could not tell you either way. if he is or not

Third Jewish Temple Being Built
Thats awfully hard to imagine considering the muslims mosque is sitting on that same sight.

Are Adventist A Cult
lee hebrews 8:13, yes but did you also read 1) 8:10 for this is the covenant that i make with the house of israel after those days, saith the lord i will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and i will be to them a god, and they shall be to me a people, 2)no, he wants us to become spiritual jews not literal,3)all over the new testament even jesus disciples after his resurection preached on the sabbath: acts13:14,42,47 acts 16:13 acts 17:1,2 lee, you need to read the gospels again

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee this command was made before there were any jews Genisis 2:1,2,3. So how can you say it is a jewish sabbath it was given to adam and eve

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