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Good Things About Church
The sad fact about different denominations is the proof that God's children cannot completely agree on everything God tells us in His word. However, the good side to the whole thing is if we're God's children we still love & respect each others right to disagree. And take comfort in the fact that we will all be together in heaven & completely agree on everything then. That's a wonderful thing to know & look forward to.

I Need A Christian Friend
Nancy, just remember that God loves u & He knows ur hearts desire for christian fellowship.Ask Him to send people ur way that will be the friend u need in ur life. And until that takes place, all of us r here,ready to chat....U have a christian friend/sister in me.

I Am A Defeated Christian
2Cor.6:16b-18 & 7:1,For ye r the temple of the living God,as God hath said,I will dwell in them, & walk in them, & I will be their God, & they shall be my people.Wherefore come out from among them, & be ye separate,saith the Lord, & touch not the unclean thing, & I will receive u. And will be a Father unto u, & ye shall be my sons & daughters, saith the Lord ALmighty. Having therefore these promises,dearly beloved,let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh & spirit,perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

What Does A Jealous God Mean
Donna, I totally agree with U! That's exactly what He's doing. And until he realizes his need for the one & only Saviour & ask Him for forgiveness for his sins, there's nothing anyone can do for him. No matter how many confused comments he throws out. God-our Father & his creator, is the only one who can clear his confused mind. And we all know God sets captive men/women free everyday. Maybe it's not too late for atheist. Only He & God know the answer to that.

What Does A Jealous God Mean
atheist I'm curious, why r u here at a Christian Net? R u trying to change someone's mind about God( our Creator)? Or r u desiring information that could lead u to accept Him as ur Saviour? What is ur purpose? Please explain.

What Does A Jealous God Mean
atheist, My Father God tells us to have faith & trust Him for the things we r not informed on. Where He comes from is not for us to know for now. And frankly, not important to the ones who trust Him. Another thing He tells us & I personally take great pleasure in is...even those who choose to not believe on Him here on earth will one day bow on their knees before Him & admit He is Lord!!! Trust me when I tell u it'll be better for u to realize that now rather than later.

What Does A Jealous God Mean
Absolutely not! It shows us that He's concerned for our well being. He loved us enough to breath His life into us. We rebelled.He sent us a Saviour to free us from the eternal death that rebellion brought on us. Then after we accept that grace & forgiveness we still take His love for granted & do things that offend Him & please His enemy, satan.(I refuse to cap. that name!) It hurts Him The same as it would u or me. He wants our love & fellowship. It's human jealousness that gets all complicated & selfish. God is nothing like that. His emotions, like everything else about Him,are pure, Holy & righteous. And His feelings for us are always for our best.

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