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Donate My Lottery Money
No it isn't wrong. People does not realize that the lottery helps the elderly, schools,etc. When a person is ready to retaire they can't live on that so they have to retaire from that job just to work another job so really when does the elderly retaire? They can't afford to.

How To Stop Abusive Husband
I'd leave him. Then I would get a restraing order against him for as long as I can. God did not create us to b punching bags. Leave this man. If not it will only get worse.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
It is okay to spank your child if they need it and understand. I have a 11 yr old son that has ADHD and has asburgers. Which is a type of autism. He is so so so smart. It is hard 4 me 2 spank him. He knows when he has done wrong cause he admits it then explains in this long process of why he done what he done. By the time he is finished talking I forget why he got into trouble.

Forced To Marry Girlfriend
They were both in sin. If they were to marry then it would cause problems in the long run. They should not get married if they do not love each other. They need 2 grow up because they r parents now. To force 2people 2get married because of pregency would end up n a divorce.

Can Dead People Think
No dead people can't think. They are dead. The bible says the dead know nothing. There r some people that don't know they are dead, and they walk the earth not knowing what to do.

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