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God Called Me To Sing
Antonio, that was funny.

Can Christians Have Demons
When an unbalanced Christian, claiming to have all the answers, a direct pipeline to God - would cause another mentally unbalanced person to stumble and take their life.

Can We Believe False Doctrines
Christians are delivered from the power that Satan formerly had over them. Every person who is in Christ need not be apprehensive or feel paralyzed with fear concerning Satan and evil spirits (1 John 4:4). Satan and his demons have no power over believers other than what God permits.

Can Christians Have Demons
If a Christian is unable to have Victory in their life, it could be mental illness.

If the demons are tormenting you constantly, it could be a chemical imbalance in the brain. If Jesus Christ cannot deliver you from the demons, you might need an actual physician.

Remember "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
If we released everyone from a physician's care, many of those with The Manual, The Bible, would not be able to overcome mental illness. Brain malfunction takes all forms.

Can Christians Have Demons
If you are mentally ill and the only way you can cope is to stay completely away from all human contact, are you free?
If the slightest of stress-filled situations causes you trauma - do you have the Victory?

A fixation on demon possession is not healthy. It creates more helplessness and puts you under - not over.

Can Christians Have Demons
People with paranoid schizophrenia hold untrue beliefs (delusions) or hear things others don't hear (auditory hallucinations).

The onset of schizophrenia in men is usually in the teens or 20s. The onset in women is usually in the 20s or early 30s. Paranoid schizophrenia tends to appear toward the later end of this range.

Although there's no cure for paranoid schizophrenia, medications and well-coordinated mental health care services can help people manage the disease.

Can Christians Have Demons
Some may be able to keep the lid on this illness by avoiding all contact with others.

Autisim, Aspergers, etc., may require assistance all the days of the their lives.
Do the parents with autistic children consider them demon possessed?

Can Christians Have Demons
The mentally ill can be susceptible, open to suggestions and try a self-help method to eliminate demons. As they age, the symptoms may lessen and they may call it deliverance.
This is an area best left to the professionals; whether it be medical or knowledgeable ministers of the Gospel.

Transfering Of Demons
You came, you advertised, and you asked us to check it out. I did. You also said you would like feedback, I gave you my honest opinion. It is extreme, and I will tell you why.

Transfering Of Demons
Jesus said, Mark 9:29, "This kind can come out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting."

Jesus said,
"Be quiet and come out of him" the demon had to obey.

Jesus said at Lk. 10:19: "Nothing at all will hurt you." Vs. 35 says that the demon came out violently but did not harm.

Jesus said, Come Out.

This process did not take years and years and years, with harm and torment.

Transfering Of Demons
Jesus did not fear and had no fear.
He did not worry about the hairdresser, the leper or anyone else transferring an evil spirit to Him.

Some people suffer with mental illness. They have paranoid schizophrenia, and some would call it demon possession.

Transfering Of Demons
Telling the mentally ill, that they can read a self-help book and cast our their own demons might be enough to drive them over the edge.
I know a man of 40, with mental illness. He went to the health food store. The clerk told him to stop taking his medicine, and take massive doses of vitamin Bcomplex and other things. He loaded up on vitamins, didn't tell his parents (still living at home, unable to function alone.) She told him how to get rid of the demons.

Transfering Of Demons
Some very bad things happened to this man.
Some of what you have described sounds very similar to mental illness. And taking the paranoia further, into all the areas and all the items to look out for (excluding anything occultic), sounds like more paranoia.

Transfering Of Demons
I don't know if you had a pastor, a church, or a congregation that helped you out during the deliverance years.

But if this was demon possession and not mental illness, a knowledgeable minister of the Gospel with a praying congregation behind him, should have been able to remove those demons without harm or torment in a short time, not years.

Transfering Of Demons
Think about where most of our clothes are coming from today. If we sat and worried about who sewed those clothes and what religion they were practicing, we would have to perform a deliverance for each article. The same goes for food, new vehicles, new furniture, building materials we use for homes - it would be endless. It's extreme.

Transfering Of Demons
You've advertised your book free of charge, a couple of times now.
Honestly, Valerie, it sounds nutty.
God has given us safeguards, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God sends His angels wherever He chooses (humans cannot direct angels, by the way, they only listen to God).
God says let no one lay hands on you suddenly for a very good reason. False teachers with a wrong spirit - if you are open- yes there could be a transference of an unholy spirit.

Transfering Of Demons
But opening ourselves up to out of balanced teachings can open ourselves up to a spirit of fear.
Forget advertising your book, that's enough.
And if you're conducting research here for the next book, that's not right either.

Transfering Of Demons
I did check out your site on lulu and see that you are an evangelist, too.

I would rather meditate on God's Word and what God says about faith, than to dive off the deepend into demon obsession.

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