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Adult Child Won't Work
My son, age 24, tells me he is a adult and can make his own decisions. So he has decided to marry a older woman with 3 kids, who is on government assistant. (Welfare, housing etc.) He quit his good truck driving job (walked away from a lease) to work very part-time. Does not repay any loans. Has creditors out for him. Plays video games. Mooches off of everyone. Finally I saw the light, he is a right, he is an adult. I just pray that one day he will act like it. He was raised by two hard-working bill paying parents. We guided him, we helped him, we cried for him, we finally gave up helping him. He choose this life. I feel sorry for the 3 kids who have him as "dad."

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Going through the same thing. Being emotionally tortured. My children are 11 and 17. The hostile rejection and isolation and silence is painful. Both children now believe that I am not loved by my husband because thank God they realize that this is cruel.

I Love Two Men
Wow, you all have great responses, but until each of you go through what this lady is going through it will be hard for you to give an objective answer. I certainly agree that it is possible to love two men exactly the same way at the same time. I know because I am in this very situation. To say that it is impossible to be in love with two men at the same time is wrong. Someone said, "only your heart knows."

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