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Is Faith Different Than Belief
Well I believe that Faith means in believing and trusting in your calling from God to fulfill his purpose. By nature we want to follow our own will and do to Gods will is a test. His will can be very uncomfortable.

Belief means to believe something in doctrine or something taught to us through generations. It can also mean that through our negative thought process we only "believe" what we feel. So, to believe can also be to put our trust in God even though we may feel he is not there. Believe in his WORD....ect...Bless you

Husband Texts Old Girlfriend
This is to Debbie. Your story sounds like the beginning of mine and mine is now ending in divorce because of a cheating husband, when all it supposedly was was "two old friends catching up" Well it may have started that way but it didn't stay that way. She lives about 2 hrs away and they communicated through email and texting for about 1 1/2 yrs., of course at my strong protesting but all the while both of them swearing its only a friendship. Well they finally decided to meet up for lunch. Then it was all downhill from there. Just be careful and keep your eyes and ears WIDE open. Question him, you deserve answers. I'm sure he wouldn't like the tables turned. I hope your situation ends up differently than mine. Good luck.

How To Stop Back-Sliding
NO ONE can, in isolation, grow or renew one's walk in Christ. We are members of His Body and are dependant on each other for all to thrive, so one important step is this: find a fellowship of Christians that has a ministry of PATIENTLY, gently helping restore one who has backslid and wants to renew - however long it takes. But these helpers must have a humility that enables them to imagine they had the personality and difficulties of the one backsliding, so they will be sensitively compassionate, discerning restorers (they must themselves lead by example of heeding correction of where they too fall short - even correction offered from the one who recently backslid, who can therefore also practice holding others accountable to walk like Christ).

I Really Hate My Husband
I guess strokes do strange things. I'm trying to cope with my husbands. He's 47 years old and sick because of diabetes, heart troubles, TIA's and now stroke. He's not the same person. We're living on just my income and I'm hanging by a thread of sanity trying to stay focused on God to get me through...and my husband goes and pays $600.00 out of our checking account that was to go to our mortgage on a trip to Las Vegas with a friend. I don't know if this is impulsive because of the stroke or not, but I'm furious!

Thoughts On Jakes And Hinn
AMEN!!! I agree!

Can I Remarry My Husband
I think that it is great if you can find forgiveness in your heart for your x. That is a part of healing and that is very Christian.
I do think that if he was abusive that maybe you are hanging on to something other than love and forgiveness.
You must find healing for yourself. God made you to be strong and happy. Forgive and heal you and then forgive him and move on loving God and yourself as much as God loves you.
Wouldn't it be great if you could find the good Christian man that God has picked for you? Good luck.

My Husband Will Not Work
I am in the same position and I have been for 20 years, I have finally decided to leave. I refuse to pay all of these bills by myself any longer, so by default a seperation will take place. I have searched the scriptures and I just don't have an answer. The bible says that for the hardness of their hearts he allowed for a divorce. I have no respect for him, nor can I pretend. He does not care, the many evictions that me and kids have faced, ment nothting to him. If you get an answer please let me know. I have stayd because I thought it was Biblical, but there is nothing Godly about staying in a marriage full of bitterness, and strife.

Church of Christ A Good Church
everyone mentions the thief on the cross as reason not to baptize. He died before Jesus, before the new law. Baptism was commanded in the great commision, after Jesus' resurrection.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
Part II-I have been divorced now for a year and began am dating a wonderful, loving, honest, and trusting man who is also divorced. His situation was very similar. His wife cheated on him and, in fact, had a child with another man. He too, went back to her trying to live by God's word and not divorce. Her cheating and lying only continued until he finally filed for divorce.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
Part III-We have been dating almost a year and are very happy together. We think about our life together as a married couple. I am torntorn.. I do know that I love him but I want to make sure it is right with God. Can someone point me to a scripture or a verse that says it is ok to remarry? Neither of our exspouses are remarried YET. I just feel like we were both victims in our own marriages and it seems that God would not want to punish both of us by not allowing us to marry and not live in sin.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
I was married to a man who committed adultry several times. I tried to stay and make things work but his decietful ways only worsened. Eventually he struck up an inapropriate relationship with an underage girl and I ultimately filed for divorce.

Disabilitity People Go to Heaven
I believe that it is an accountability issue. I believe that God would not hold severe mentally disabled individuals accountable. I know that there more than likely not any scripture to back this up. It is an issue of the heart and I know my God is a God of Mercy and compassion. As far as the babies go I most definitly believe they go no question about their accountability.

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
I am not lusting over my women friend. I simply enjoyed her time more than my husbands time. When I was home we argued constantly. I ran away. I know it was wrong. I just dont know what to do next and I dont want to make it look like it is acceptable to me the way he treated me. Yes, I messed up but we cant just throw out why I was tempted to mess up. No wife should be treated the way that he treated me. Got to the point on a few occasions where he would speak and I would jump out of fear.

Father Of My Child Will Not Marry
Did you become a christian before or after the birth of your daughter?

I Want To Become A Christian
In order to become a Christian , you have to accept Jesus. Jesus is God's only Heavenly Son. God sent Jesus as ransom for our sins. Jesus died for our sins and rose on the third day. If you confess with you mouth and believe in your heart this is true, you are saved from the penalty of sin which is eternity in hell. Accept Him and pray for His guidance in finding a bible based church home with sound doctrine.

Are The Bloggers Christian
Only God knows the heart of man. Judge and ye shall also be judged.

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
We had an amazing night last night actually. He was in awe at how faithful I have remained and steadfast during his wishy washyness. I think we both needed a wake up call. Good things will come of this. I know that. I am jsut waiting on God to tell me what to do every single step of the way. I genuinely want his will more than my own. I have not felt that in years.

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