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Spanking 15 Year Olds
I think you need to try harder to behave yourself. Otherwise, you're simply getting the spankings you deserve. If they aren't already being given on your bare bottom, they should be. Perhaps even with a wooden hairbrush. The more unpleasant the spanking, the likelier you'd behave yourself and do as you're told.

Spanking To Show Love
I believe wholeheartedly in children being raised with sound, parental spankings in a loving environment. Unhappily for me, I was never punished with spankings, but rather with the withdrawal of affection.

By never getting the spankings I deserved (and they ought to have been over-the-knee on my bare bottom for their full corrective effect), I had trouble learning the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences.

How To Discipline Teenagers
All I know is I was a teenager who should've been spanked. When I was found to have been dangerously playing with matches as a 14-year-old, my mother should've taken me bare-bottomed across her lap for a good, sound spanking. Instead, I was hardly punished at all.

Having my bottom soundly spanked in my early teens might well have put me on a straighter path to realizing my personal potential in life. I believe I would've responded well to being spanked, even on my bare bottom, when I knew I deserved it.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
Naughty children need their pants taken down and their bare bottoms soundly spanked across the lap of adult authority. A child's bottom is a remarkable teaching aid, and children of all ages will learn from a well-spanked bottom that actions do indeed have consequences.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
I wish the zealots on either side would stay away from these discussions (fat chance, I know). A good, sound spanking on my bare bottom, on those few occasions as a boy when I clearly deserved it, would surely have helped in my learning the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences.

I see nothing at all wrong with a parent resorting to an over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking when the infrequent use of such a punishment will begin adjusting the naughty child's attitude even before the first smack has landed.

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