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Ghosts Of The Dead
Scripture says, "to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord."
Scripture does not support the lost and wandering, or the un-finished buisness ghost theory at all.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
It sounds to me like your son is scared to death. How hard are you spanking him? How much yelling and screaming is going on before and during the spanking?
It is so easy to overdo simple discipline. Spanking is not always the answer!
There are many forms of discipline besides spanking and work much better for the childs well being.
Try using spanking as a LAST RESORT.
Lifes experience has taught me spanking should be used.....but only after you have exhausted the other discipline methods.
Find out which method works best on him personally. All children are different even if they are siblings. Take a parenting class or read up on the subject. Talk to your local pastor. God Bless, and good parenting!

Are Hindus In Heaven
I am not judge and make no judgement of my fellow man. But like anyone else can only go by scripture.
And Jesus said the only way to the Father is through Him. (Jesus)
Scripture says that no matter how good a man or woman is if they have heard the message of Jesus Christ and have turned their backs on Him He will also deny them before the Father come Judgement day.
So if they have heard the message and have denied Christ then I am sorry to say probably not. If they have not heard the message of Christ or are young enough not to understand the message then chances are pretty good. I hoped this helped you.
God Bless you and yours!

Proof That God Exists
Why is this always the same with non believers? God is not helping me so He must be a figment of someones imagination?
Here it is plain and simple and lets see if you can understand.
How faithfull have you been to GOD? Are you baptized? Do you live according to His commandments? Do you read His word daily and pray regularly? DO you live a life pleasing in His Holy Eyes?
Or are you like most people and ONLY CRY OUT TO HIM WHEN YOU NEED HELP?
God exists, the Bible is His Holy Living Word, and He has many many times helped me in times of need. God does not promise Christians an easy path through life....But He DOES promise us the destination!

Why Did Jesus Go To Hell
Christ did not preach to anyone in HELL....The dead, be they Christians or evil followers of satan, are dead physically and they slumber until Judgement Day. There is NO JUDGMENT before that day! So no one can be in hell until that time and that is scripture. Whoever posted otherwise needs to do a little more Scripture study.

Did My Brother Go To Hell
I am sorry for your loss, and for your grieving over this question. All I can say is that no man can give you that answer that you seek because we are not the one who judges. If your brother did accept Christ it would be a positive answer. But since you dont know if he did or not then it is simply a decision that will be made by a very loving Father....Trust in HIM and HIS JUDGEMENT....God is fair and His judgements are as well...
God Bless!

Do End Times Scare You
My guess would simply be those who are upset about the end times are either not grounded in Christ, and living as a Christian should themselves or have loved ones who are not and they fear for their eternal souls! For those who are grounded in Christ and living as they should there is absoloutely nothing to fear, or be upset about, for our Lord returns to us!!!!

God Told Me Who To Marry
Personally I think you did not get a message from God to marry anyone. To many people when they want something really bad convince themselves that God wants them to do this or that or be with this person or with that person etc. And it is only their own minds trying to justify their wants needs or desires at the time...If God had truly ordained this relationship you would still be together! But your post leaves out alot of information such as are you both grounded in Christ and going to services regularly? God would never place two people together if they were un-equally yoked. Remember before you jump at something because YOU THINK God wants it to be...Make sure it lines up with scripture! God Bless!

Can We Take The Bible Seriously
Well, some people will not hear the truth no matter what you say or how well you explain it to them.
All I can say is that with all my extended study into the original Hebrew and Greek texts, that EVERY SINGLE WORD of the KING JAMES VERSION of GOD's HOLY WORD is TRUE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT! AND for those who do not believe or wont believe or just plain wont listen. Or find an argument for every single thing you try to point out to them then they are truly lost. DO as Christ said to do shake the dust off your sandals as you leave them. FOr it is NOT UP TO YOU AND I to CONVINCE THEM....we are to spread the GOOD MESSAGE of Christ.....not convince people to believe....

Jesus Born On December 25th
Was Jesus born on December 25th.?

Jesus was CONCIEVED on Dec. 25th. He was actually born in September!

Anyone who says differently has not done enough study in God's Scripture. The original Hebrew (old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) texts are very clear on this point!

Judgement Day On May 2011
I agree with the moderator on this one....NO ONE KNOWS THE EXACT DATE AND TIME OF OUR SAVIORS RETURN!!

SDA Explain Colossians 2:16
I am not an SDA, but I will simply state that GOD ALONE IS JUDGE!

Is Harold Camping Correct
YES, I have an opinion on Harold Camping !!!!.....If he truly is saying what you posted here he is truly ignorent of God's Holy Word!
And is acting as one os satans false prophets....Next time he is on the air turn him off! Save yourself, and be made aware that the only answers you can count on is YOUR OWN PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF GOD'S WORD!
If you do not have personal knowledge if you do not study in depth the Bible and its teachings you will be lead astry and be lost by listening to IDIOTS like Harold Camping.....

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
Personally I think way to many big time world wide ministries spend way to much time begging for money and thinking of ways to dupe more money from people.
If their work is truly ordained by God then they dont need statues or gifts to entice you to send money. They would simply do as I do and ask God to fulfill the needs of the ministry and the money would come in through love offerings without the long marathon money raising telethons. And the little statues and gimmicks to entice you out of your money.

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