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Right To Favor One Child
This reminds me of the parable of the two sons. Read Luke 15:11-32

Is Depression Genetic Demonic
Depression is a spiritual suffering and can be genetics but I assure you those who are depressed are suffering spiritually. For instance my father is a manic depressant i have never known him not to live in fear and in hatred. My mother is diaognosed with bi-polarism but I know her choices in life were always bad, drugs and alchol and selfishness. Monitor your thoughts and emotions are you living life according to your spiritual self or feeding the physical self with pleasures. Only when we live according to the Spirit can we be free from the flesh. Find love within and live in compassion.

Sin Not To Go To Church
There is no reason that you cannot have mass at home. Assure your little one that Gods kingdom is in his heart and that he has to look no further than that to find God. God is not at a building but lives in his heart. He knows this but he is confused your little one is. I find it a great sin when they pass the plate and ask for money in church. that they only want heads and money at church anymore, they really dont teach compassion and that Jesus through out the money chargers "Gods house is a house of PRAYER and you made a den of theifs!" Read Jesus words in Red to your son and he will hear the Spirit of truth speak to his heart.

Love To Submit To My Husband
I admire your dedication to Gods word. But for I could not live life without the love of God in my husband. I could not live life in anger and bitterness. For I knew it is God who could change him but I fell out of love. Had I prayed for my husband instead of resenting him that would have been better. But since I was too far spiritually gone to find the love within myself anymore I could not endure the daily mental abuse and my self esteem grew worse. God does not want us to live in abusive situations. If this is what you can endure..God bless you!

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