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Should I Date A Non-Christian
#1 Rick your wrong, better go read your Bible some more. In Christianity there are no casual relationships between a man and a women. Dating is for marriage. Not my rule -God's. Marriage is being yoked because being yoked simply means together as one as in United. God says that when we marry we become one flesh. You cannot unite darkness with the light because the darkness will not accept the light and it will cause big problems. That person living in darkness will try to turn you away from God. He will not support or bolster your faith he will destroy it. God made a man and women to marry and become help mates to one another. We are polar opposites. You won't have to ask anyone this question when you meet the right Christian guy.

Rapture Before Great Battle
for a "pre-trb" rapture to occur God himself would have to be a liar. The Bible very plainly states that the church of the last days will suffer severe persecution. Paul said "that day" would not come until the man of sin is revealed 2 Th 21-4, and that it would come with the sounding of the "last trumphet" I cor 15:52.But because peaple and the church in particular are not lovers of the truth, they have allowed themselves to be fooled into believing something that simply is n't going to happen. I think we should let God be true and every man a liar.

Who is Myles Munroe?
I am sure that he may not be 100% correctin everything, but who is we are to pray for him to get understanding. We cannont judge him because none of us is 100% correct enough to judge anyone else. At least he is trying to make a difference for God in others lives. He wll be known for his books, videos and sermons of love wisdom and peace of Gods Word. If he is preaching someonthing inaccurate that is between him and God. We are to just take the good and leave the bad and ask God for His wisdom in discernment. We listen to him but we are responsible to READ and UNDERSTAND the Word on our own! Use your voice and platform to teach, and show that God is alive by your positive words of encouragement.

Did Jesus Go To Hell
My dear friends We have to remember that saul paul tought that we are not to argue amung each other who already believe, for there may be one whom is present that may become confused and decided to disregard our preaching altogether the word explains that we are let peolpe believe what they believe if there attitudes are stuborn or not ready to receive what we have to share. I believe God in his timing by his will for our lives will guide us all.

Ceremony To Make Anointing Oil
aren't anointing oils a symbol of our faith? for it is not the oil that gives us our authority or power over demonic forces or gifts of the Holy Spirit, It is the power of the cross which Christ died on. When anointing another or self it is a symbol of our faith in God.

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Ihave an anger issue myself, Ican see how at times my temper has made those around me uncomfortable . I don't like making those I love most feel afraid.
I mean, I'm supposed to be my family's life a provider/protecter. Right?
Maybe if you could help him see the impact his angry outburst has on you, he would be willing change his behavior.
I find my tantrums(lets face it thats what they are) are rarely based in anything improtant. An almost never directed towards those people around me. Its usually a stripped screw or some other such thing. And when I think of them in that way, I see myself as the 5 year old I'm acting like. More often than not, I find myself chuckling at my behavior before I really get a chance to be angry.

Churches Are Family Businesses
To Elsie : For your information :
Less than 1000 believers on the whole country are Pentecostal/Evangelical.

The way they manage the church are far different from other countries. The congregations have no say.

Anyone who has the talents to do better work than their family members would be hindered the opportunities to express their talents and capabilities.

If one is much liked and popular among the congregation, they'll be trouble coming his/her way.Very insecured, indeed.

Is It Good To Lie At Times
Well, here is my problem with my sin as a perpetual liar. I am an insurance fraud detective and a christian as a detective I have to lie so as to not alert the suspect of either my presence nor allow him/her to know that they are who I am investigating. As a christian I really have problems with lying and truly despise this part of my job, but if I told the truth, I would never get my job done. I am interested in your comments as I struggle with this everyday. Thanks in advance!

Slain In The Spirit Before
Jesus said to test the spirit(s). Read "The Spirit of the Church" (a new book out) and this will help you do your own investigation. Also, if anyone can show me someone who has truely been 'born of the Holy Spirit', then I will give that person 10K dollars. No one has and will not until the 144K are sealed.

Faith Without Works Is Dead
Here is a conflict in the bible: Read John 8 and 9, then read Romans 9,10 and 11. One of the writers is lying. I'll put my money on the truth that John wrote because he was an eyewitness and Paul's writings are lies.

Is Jesus The God Of The OT
The confusion was caused by Satan impersonating Jesus when Saul was blinded and forced to do what he did. The real God NEVER forces any EVIL person to be His apostle! If you use the eye witnesses of Jesus in the New Testament you will find the truth and it agrees 100% with the OT.

How To Lose Your Salvation
I can answer this question in two verses. Rev. 21:8 and Rev.22:15. Truth matters! Thru Paul, Satan brought lies into the bible. (Wheat and Weed prophecy) There is NO grace found in the ten virgin story/prophecy. Also check out Rev. 3:11.

What Bible Do You Use
Viewing the many answers here showes me that people are wanting to know the truth. What bothers me is that it seems no one wants to investigate who, how and why the books of the New Testament were put in there. It probably makes little difference between the translations as I use over 12 different translations, but find NASB the closest to the truth. KJV is perhaps the worst. Read "The Spirit of the Church" by Neufeld and Sterling.

What Bible Do You Use
Here is the thing: Lucifer was an arch angle like Michael. They had a war in heaven (Rev. 12:7) and Lucifer was thrown out, along with a third of the messenger angles. Lucifer became Satan, the prince of the world, and Michael became Jesus, the Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven. (Ex.22:23. Dan.9:25, 10:13 & 21, 12:1)(Book of Enoch)

Christian Police Officers
I am a retired Police Officer and now have my own ministry. I would not be one now, for things have changed from being a 'peace officer' into a 'law/code enforcement officer'. Too bad, because I became a cop because my chief was an awesome christian!

Faith Without Works Is Dead
Faith allows one to believe lies without feeling guilty and without searching and knowing the truth. Everyone starts out in faith, the more truth you learn, the less faith you need. You will not need faith in heaven. Truth does matter! So do 'deeds'. After all, if you love Christ you will abide in Him and keep all ten commandments.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
The answer is NO. Just a litle study from the internet will show you that James, the brother of Jesus, had a vision (much like Paul) showing him that he was to be the head of the church. In the book "THE SPIRIT OF THE CHURCH" you will see what happend in the history of the christian and catholic church.

Is Jesus The God Of The OT
Michael, the Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven, gave himself by haveing His Father AND Mother (Holy Spirit) place Him into Mary who bore Him as a human, so He truly was the FIRST begotten Son from God. (Dan. 9:25, 10:14 & 21, and 12:1 & Rev. 12:7)

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