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Divorce To Repent
My wife believes I have been forgiven because I did get baptized after we got married, but she says we are still in an adultress marriage because she has to repent and the only way for her to repent is to divorce me. There are very few people in the world see her side of things and I have been studying this subject for a little over a month and I can not find anything in the bible says this mariage is wrong. I also believe that my wife has been looking and studying the bible for her escape route of this marriage. I am so torn and ripped over this I have not a clue what to do next or even begin to try to get my wifes eyes to open and study with a open heart.

Divorce To Repent

I am a fallen away christian, but my wife still practices. I had some issues with a couple of congregations. NO EXCUSE. Why do some people feel that 1 Corinthians 7:15 as a loophole to get out of the marriage? Cause Paul's statements were given to encourage the Christian spouse to try to get along with the unbeliever and make the mariage work. If, however, the unbelieving spouse insisted on leaving, Paul said let him or her go. The only alternative would be for the Christian to deny his or her faith to perserve the marriage, and that would be worse than dissolving the marriage. Paul's main purpose in writing this was to urge the married couples to seek unity, not separation. Really want her to stay and be right in God.

Adultress Marriage Possible
Sorry Susie, I just learned how to add to the blog that I have started. So thanks for the comment.

Divorce To Repent
Here are some of the verses that she is using to justify her belief to divorce me to repent for her sins:

Matt 5:28
1 Cor 6:9
2 Pet 2:10
2 cor 12:21
Eph 4:19
Acts 3:19
Acts 26:20
Proverbs 30:20
Matt 5:32

Please Help I Do Seek Guidance In This, Because I Do Want To Understand God's Intent And Not Have To Loose My Wife And Kids If This Not An Adultress Marriage.

Divorce To Repent

Myself and my wife have studied the verses that you have taken the time to find for us. My wife is lost in what the verses have to do with proving that this is not an adultress marriage. Please I would like some feedback.

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