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Pastor Designates His Salary
In our church, the elders and deacons have meetings with the committee of admin. of the church and they look at the needs and then come up with a budget for the pastor's family. If there comes a time where they need more money for something necessary (expecting another child, child who needs money for medical issues, etc.), they go over the budget and see if there are ways they can cut out or they increase the stipend. Our church also has a treasurer and is always ready for an audit. EVERYTHING is out in the open and the whole church knows how much they make because we all contribute to their stipend. Accountability creates trust.

Okra Growing Advice And Tips
Personally I don't care for okra, except mixed with other things in vegetable soup. Try taking this question to the 'Recipe blog'. :)

Fear Of Water Baptism
There was a man on here some months ago who stated he would not get baptised because the water scared him, he would not get totally immersed. Sorry I can't remember who he was, maybe he will come forward. As for me I have never known anyone who refused to be immersed.

Older Women Want Love Too
I've got a pet, but a warm body close is much nicer than a blanket! I'm not a kid, but not too old to appreciate having a warm loving hubby either. I'm nearing 60, but I'm not dead!

Can I Wear A Kilt
Jesus cares about what is in our hearts! Not on our bodies. If you are not trying to dress like a woman or be revealing then all that matters.

Should I Divorce My Husband
Pray. God will guide you as to what His plan is.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
The same thing has happened to me many times. At first guys say it's ok if I don't want to have sex with them, but after we have been together for a while, they start pressuring me. As a matter of fact, my last boyfriend just left a month ago, I believe for the same reason.

Are Catholics The Only Church
Is praying to 'saints' for your needs not putting them before God, Alan? Or praying to Mary for her to 'tell Jesus'?
That sounds like putting them before God to me.Back in the day when I was Catholic, you prayed to St.Jude for hopeless situations, St. Christopher for safety, there weas one who was the 'finder of lost articles', can't remember which one that was.

Are Catholics The Only Church
Are Catholics the only church?
They are the richest church.
They have more child molesters than other churches.
They are loosing more people yearly than any church.
I won't go on, as an x Catholic, its the only church that lifts dead people above God. It is a doomed church.

Why Is America Still In Iraq
My children did attend ghetto schools. It was the only schools to go to where we lived. But in those days we parents taught our children better than to get in, or cause trouble. If they got in trouble at school, they knew they would have more trouble when they got home! We were poor, but proud of our heritage.Im happy to say both my girls are college graduates, they have made me proud.

Why Is America Still In Iraq
Is all this rhetoric helping the person who wrote the blog? She isn't asking about Welfare or the Black Panthers.
She wants prayer for her son.

Are Catholics The Only Church
Show bible evidence that Christ meant for there to be one church-the RCC. He just sought out followers of truth, which frankly would rule out most Catholic beliefs.

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