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Who Is Derrick Prince
I have listened to many of Derek Prince's tapes, watched his DVD's and read his books. I found him to be a very sound and godly man of strong christian faith. For all his knowledge and experience he was a very humble man.

Accept Overweight Christians
I guess our body is a temple and the people who are over weight choose to fill it with bad food. In away they/me/anyone are no different to a drug addict a smoker a tv addict. Either way our body is beautiful and God given. Its not like we would put dirty oil in a BMW if we had one instead we would put the best fuel in possible. The sad thing is thats replicable our bodies arent.

Aborted My Baby Without Peace
please i beg you dont become a faith by works person its not how this work. Christ never told me if you do this things will happen. What could i possibley offer Jesus, I have nothing for him. Instead you have to forgive yourself Jesus forgave you before you committed that sin. He forgave you when he put his only son Jesus in the place of you on that cross

How Do I Love Myself
I have been to psychiatrists and have tried to commit suicide at least 8 times. I was under demonic oppression. I went through deliverance recently, deliverance is when the power of Christ sets you free from the being bound by Satan. I had a spirit of unforgiveness from being abused. It is all through out the bible - Jesus casts out evil spirits from the Demoniac - Mark 5:1 is just one of many texts out of the bible of Jesus freeing people from unclean spirit. Its worth it.

Did Jesus Pay For All Sins
Its both - Jesus died for my sins before I was even born, before I even accepted him as my lord and savior and was partying. However but to receive his gift of salvation I had to allow him and ask him into my life - it free will otherwise he could storm into everyones life and there would be no love for him but only fear

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