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God Ignores My Prayers
Hi there, often a no answer is the best answer that we can get. God sees the whole picture, we see only from our own perspective. I have learned that when I have thought God has not answered my request many times it has been better for me not to get what I thought I needed! Love in Christ.

Christian Wife Wants Separation
I am also a Christian woman seeking a legal separation from my backslidden Christian husband. I have no desire for divorce, but my husband is abusive in every sense of the word and admitted to putting his hands on another woman, but then retracted that statement a few days later. I have had our Pastor and Assistant Pastor convince him to agree to counseling only to refuse days later. My Pastor is kind of lax in dealing with my husband, but my Assistant Pastor has advised me that the time has come for a decision to be made. My hope is that this separation will be enough to "scare" him into seeking to renew his relationship with the Lord, attending church on a regular basis, and get counseling for his anger issues.

Are Rosary Beads A Sin
Jason, that was blunt but to the point. In the OT, men made idols, sacrifices, all of them external devices - in an attempt to get closer to God. It is a bunch of hooey. Did Daniel have time to offer up a sacrifice or use his prayer beads before he became a sacrifice for the lions. Hardly. His faith in God calmed those lions down and they didn't eat him. I doubt he had anointing oil, holy water, wafers, beads, medals or rings that he kissed.

Negative Thoughts of His Ex-Wife
There might be your brother's story, her story and the truth. Have you found out the truth? If not your thoughts just remain that, YOUR THOUGHTS. Pray for them both and ask God for guidance.

Are Building Programs Godly
Go out and preach the gospel or have an attractive building so that as people come to admire the building they will find GOD? Preach by lifestlye not by how attractive the church looks. If you do all and throw in a beautiful church, FINE have no problem with it.

What Country Are You From
Hi I am from Nairobi Kenya. Seems most of the people are from North America. Anyone out there closer home? Blessings to all of you.

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