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Scriptures Of Jesus Laughing
there is one scripture that speaks of Jesus laughing in the future tense concerning the wicked plotting against the just.It is found in psalm37:13.It does not even seem like A remote possibility that Jesus never laughed.He had to have A sense of humor.
What kind of person would he be without it?

Do You Like The Church You Attend
if you are looking for the perfect church than my guess would be you will never be able to find it.true;some are more friender;caring;and loving than others.
As long As the church is A biblical believingone; And accepting of its parishoners no matter what;than that is All that can be really guess is the rest is up to us.I pray you find the church that Appeals to you Soon.GOD Bless!

Tribulation Or Rapture First
to Dave;
he writes:There will be no rapture;that it is a big lie of Satan.I challenge him to read Matthew Chapter 24 carefully and slowly.I think Satan is pulling the wool over his eyes if he believes this..Did Satan write the Scriptures?

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