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Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
You should most likely take the beam out of your own eye first!!! There is no way that Jesus can live in a person who has ANY OTHER SPIRIT in them. If she has confessed Christ she is saved. I bet the problem is YOU in her life and not the Jezebel spirit you blame. Try loving your wife with grace instead of looking for something to CONDEM her about.

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
Eve was decieved ADAM KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING and he also knew that Eve was doing something wrong and yet he did NOTHING to stop it and joined in. I wonder who God really held accountable?

Should Women Wear Make-Up
I can only assume that you are associated with a church that mixes law and grace. RUN!!

Can I Divorce Over Abuse
Jesus did not allow others to abuse women
(the woman caught in adultry and by the way where was the man?)Religious folks will tell you to stay. The Jesus I love and serve would be a hero and come between you and the abuser husband or no. Leave him. We have been redeemed from the law and live under the GRACE of God.You committ NO SIN when you run from an abuser.

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