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Women To Be Silent In Church
I didn't read more than the first response, but I had to immediately stop and ask -- Is Kay Arthur a church? I don't think so...

Can You Feel Prayer
mrs. morgon, God gave you feelings for a reason, not to be led by them all the time, because faith pleases God and he wants faith. But if out of nowhere somebody feels that burden being lifted off, I wouldn't doubt that could be God, or possibly someone's prayers.Like feelings are from God, their not totally irrelevant, or they wouldn't be there.

Controlling Family Members
Part 2.
If he/she does not, then, don't be controlled by his/her anger. If he/she is your own brother/sister, talk to him/her. If the anger is caused by some sins committed by your father and brother against him/her, then explain to him/her that God forgives even the most sinful sinner! I am tempted to advise to do to her what she is doing to the father and to the brother, but I know that is simply unchristian!

Controlling Family Members
Part 1.
Donna, I would deal with this problem this way. First, I would ask myself why this particular family member is holding all of the family members hostage in his/her own anger. What is his/her position in the family set up? Is he/she the one financially supporting the father and the brother? If he/she does, then if you are a family member, start contributing. It may help to soften his/her anger.

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