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Are Small Groups Valid Ministry
Jesus, our Lord said to the woman at the well that our Heavenly Father was seeking true worshipper, those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Not location. Now The early church had its beginning both in a building and from there people also met in houses. And yes, meeting at homes can be distractive but arrangement can be met to avoid those distraction as well as in a church building there can be distractions as well. Now, why do you think Jesus went off at times to a secluded place to pray?

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
No. Almighty God has been saving Israel and providing for them long before, "christians," ever existed.

The AntiChrist Is Announced
There has been many antichrist since the time of Jesus' acension. And Jesus warned us about them. However, when the son of perdition does arrive he will not announce that he is the antichrist. He will deceive the Jewish people for 3 and one half years before he reveals his true colors and require that people worship him and receive his mark.

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