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How To Endure The End Times
There are lots of reasons to give up. If you want a list down to the floor, just ask me. x

Battle on

Atheism Loves Evolution
Warwick - If what you say is true, you still haven't answered my question about how so many other religions look at the facts and accept evolution. Are they atheistic also?

Who are you to say that god didn't create humans through evolution? You say you can trust scripture but then how come there are so many contradictions in it? You cannot say you can only trust god because you trust other people every single day: driving, flying, eating, doctors, etc.

Atheism Loves Evolution
I have a simple question for the creationists here. How is it that lots of other religions accept evolution and see it as part of god's plan? Explain the entire Catholic Church and it's understanding and acceptance of evolution. They look at the evidence and conclude that evolution did happen, why don't you just look at the evidence and maybe you will see it also?

If evolution is atheistic, then there wouldn't be the majority of religions that accept it.

Atheism Loves Evolution
StrongAxe said "Evolution is a disipline that attempts to explain how life evolved out of non-life."

StrongAxe, this is an incorrect statement. Evolution does not explain the origin of the first life nor is it meant to.

Also the question of the blog is easy for me to answer. I was an atheist before I ever knew about evolution. I grew up in a religous family but never thought any of it was true. I didn't learn about evolution until around 14 years old and that was well after I rejected any idea of god. However I do think evolution makes it easier for a believer to become an atheist.

True Meaning Of Christmas
What is the true meaning of Christmas? The true meaning of Christmas is simply the fact that Jesus was born. It is all about God drawing near, Emmanuel with us. The date matters not since we can celebrate it all year long by drawing near to others and being a neighbour to all we meet. The story of the Good Samaritan is a good illustration of celebrating Christmas 365 days a year.

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