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Judgement On California
What??? That is hilarious!!! The fires happen every year due to the Santa Anna winds. And where do you get the idea Cali is the "national headquarters of sin"? Especially when you consider cities like Washington D.C., Las Vegas, New Orleans and other bastions of sinful behaviour. I am a Californian, born and bred, and there are wonderful people here. Every state has sinful and God fearing people.

I'm A Recovering Agnostic
I would say it is a weak god who cannot fulfill his own will.

I'm A Recovering Agnostic
Steve, from what I understand of the bible God does not send the majority of His creration to an eternal BBQ pit. I suggest studying the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, it opened my eyes. I have also realized that most of the corporate church doctrines are incorrect and fueld by a desire to keep people in line by fear.

Tithes From The Gross Or Net
According to scripture (Leviticus 27) tithable items were of the land, fruit of the tree, the seed of the land, the herd, and the flock. You were only to tithe your excess and it was the tenth of your excess not the first of the excess. Christinas do not need to tithe because we are not mandated in the new testament to follow the law. Besides only farmers tithed, how many Christians are farmers? Tithing was instituted by God to take care of His priesthood.

Are Non-Christians In Hell
I would let them know that their loved one is asleep awaiting the time of judgement, John 5:27-29.

Must Christians Tithe
Christians are not mandated to tithe. Tithing was to support the 48 Levitical cities because they had no inheritance of land. Christians are to give as the Holy Spirit prompsts them to.

Do You Go To Heaven At Death
I do not see any support in the word of God that says people will go directly to heaven when their earthly vessel passes.

When Is The Rapture
Matthew 24:31 & I Corinthians 15:52 speak of the gatering of the elect at the blast of the last trumpet.Rev 11:15-19 records the blast of the last trumpet.The symbolism is beautiful,Kings were always announced by blasts on trumpets & the King of kings' announcement should be no different.Now I do not really believe these are real trumpets becasue I do think that Revelation is a highly pictoral book, & this picture of the King coming for His Bride at the blast of the last trumpet is beautiful.

Destroyed Go To Hell
Define hell. Do you mean Sheol/Hades or Gehenna? Could you possibly mean tartarus? Hell is not a good word to use to translate from all four of these places.

Who Was Melchizedek
Melchizedek was a Cannanite priest king. The passage in Hebrews about him not having lineage refers to him not being of the priestly line of Aaron, just as Christ is not of the line of Aaron. Melchizedek is NOT the pre-incarnate Christ.

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