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What are Calvinists
Mr Steve; Calvinist Cult? Someone does not know protestant history. Calvin and luther were the 2 leaders of the reformation. Calvinism still influences fundamentalism as does Luther.Fundamentalism is an amalgamation of both, leaning more towards Luther. From what i see, fundamentalist see themselves as an small island in a sea of cults.

Mormons And Joseph Smith
Minor point; 'Cumorrah hill' is not in New York, your about 3000 miles to far north.
Major point; You destroyed your own argument. The same Smithsonian makes the point, if Mongolian, how did they get here? The land bridge in Alaska, when? during the last ice age,14,000BC., so much for Biblical literalism. Sorry, you cannot pick and choose facts based our your own subjective beliefs. DNA 'facts' cuts both ways.
The evidence in Hapliod DNA taken, thus far represents 5%.

Depart From Truth Is Heresy
The earth is about 4.5 billion years old. If one wants to, as fundamentalist do to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, or it's flat, or the sun and planets go around the earth (Psalms 93) it's their perogative, they then must opt out of all educational systems, as it would be a threat to literalism, they should discourage the kids from education as well. Two seperate creation stories were put together by the KJV scribes, one out of space time, often called the 'E' as opposed to the 'Y' strain.

Who Is The Beast
First I heard that the last premier of the Soviets, Gorbachov (birthmark) was the beast, then Bill Gates (computer), then Ronald Reagon (six letters). After careful consideration I believe it is my first wife.

I Can't Stop Crying
I had a small short hair dog as a boy. I grieve to this day. I know what a friend they can be. I am a big, 6'5 guy, but that little short hair fox terrier was special. They can be resourceful, dont give up on finding them.

Would Jesus Be Welcome
If Jesus came for the first time, most clergy would call the police and have him removed from the church and taken away. The religious leaders, be they Catholic or protestant, would say 'he has no respect for authority' and is 'a throwback to the '60's.' In Ca. He would be arrested on a 5150, then after 72 hours dropped off on skid row. Their he would finally be listened to, "the first will be last, the last will be first."

Our Reasoning Causes Problems
We do not apprehend God with reason, humility is a good place to start, and personal prayer.

The lord in his infinite wisdom endowed us with the ability to reason. Now why would he offer us that gift and then require us to forgo its use? Reason is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Look up reason in the dictionary, the word THINK comes up. Look up the word think and REASON comes up. To tell one not to reason is to tell them not to....?

Disowned By Christian Family
They claimed i had 'itching ears.' I questioned basic doctrine. They said "questioning is rebellion," and that secular education, other than vocational, was all 'wisdom of man.' I admit I went overboard asking questions I knew they could not answer, but it was a total break when I enrolled at Cal State.(I am 28 now) They have not spoken since I was 19. My friends, evangicals say they were 'legalistic' what ever that means.

Moderator - That means they were religious instead of Christian.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
I want to make it clear, the rise of secular education without competation from religios education is slowly destroying America. Goverment schools have goverment values, what ever those values happen to be at the moment.

(John T- No, I diden't give up on the other threads, The moderator is giving me the opportunity to play in the sandbox more nicely.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
Yes, at one time MOST colleges and universities, and most charitable institutions were faith-based. 'ALL' the major universities, Harvard, Yale were, in the beginning founded by religions. As the society becomes more secular it is less so, goverment mostly educates children, adults now. Please note; I was VERY specific as to what sect I was refering to. Down the street is a fine Baptist college, my son was born at Loma Linda, a 7th Day hospital.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
daphn8897-There is no question to me the Bible is inspired. With humility and a contrite heart God must be approached. Both atheism and theism are faith paradigms. I find atheism requires more faith than belief in God. "The fool in his heart says there is no God" as the scripture says. It is subjective yes, but it is a denial of objective reality to deny God, as "the heavens declare the glory of God." Too much complexity in nature, REASON ITSELF points to a a creator.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
Alan; i am confused, i like to be comprehensive, I apologize if my answers appear pedantic, I am just a country boy.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
Oral Roberts? I old enough to remember him from the J&T Baker controversy when in high school (H.S.Grad 1990) Do people take him serious? Never heard of Rhema.

I can move beyond the personal micro Issues,(family)and will stick to the macro, epistological issues. I admit a failing is to broad-brush, others should not do that. I respect American pluralism.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
A final point; You have great RCC universities, Baptist and Methodist colleges and hospitals, and my son was born at Loma Linda, a great hospital, a fine product of the 7th Day people. I am not of those religions, but they are some of the proof of what makes good religion in America, as opposed to the emptiness of secularism. Where are the pentacostal universities, colleges, and hospitals?

Moderator - Again forgive your family.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
My ex-family used jargon like 'slain in the spirit-washed in the spirit-spirit filled-baptized in the spirit-seized by the spirit. Everything I saw could be explained as a Bio-chemical reaction.(as I have done here) The Bible was only used as a talisman, they had no firm epistomology, only verses strung together. They had a STRONG aversion to any secular education for their youth. Teens who were 'corrupted with secularism' were disowned, as I have read other here that have had the same experience.

Moderator - Again your pride of not forgiving your family is not helping you.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
AlanUK; I was asked by a few here to 'back up' some statements, so with objective science I did, those 'few' bailed, no suprise. It may, at this moment appear I am more against something than for, and I don't mean to appear a mysagonist. I take Thomas Jefferson's Maxim to heart, "If ones faith cannot stand the test of FREE INQUIRY, its finished." I believe in just that, free inquiry. Elsewhere I attack atheism with a great deal of vigor.

Moderator - No one bailed. We are on the sidelines still prayering for your unforgiven heart toward your parents and others to be healed. Your pride has blinded you into thinking you are more intelligent than you are.

What Are Baptists
Baptist joke; 'Put two Baptist in one room with one Bible and you will end up with three opinions."

Shira, sorry, I could not find 'hereic' in the dictionary, I think its a Navaho word for 'I lost my America Express and its overdrawn'

As to cult, look it up in your dictionary, thats the most proper definition I know of.

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
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