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Depart From Truth Is Heresy
The Bible says in Psalms 93 that the earth does not move, so the sun and stars go around the earth as MOST CHRISTIANS in history, Catholic and protestant believed? The Bible says 'do not suffer a witch to live?' Willing to take thoes verses literally as most Christians in history did?
Biology 101; C-14 is one of many ways to date the rate of decay. The Bible is about salvation, not science. To take the Bible seriously and literally are NOT the same thing; in spite what a minority says.

The Book Of Philip Discovered
Again, I deal with the issues themselves, not personalities, if I were to resort to personal insults as others have done, instead of dealing with the issue, then that would say I have lost the debate, its called the fallasy of AD HOMINUM. As to gnosticism, someone needs a history lesson in what gnosticism is, its more complex than that. American protestantism is indeed a form of gnosticism.

A List To Go To Hell
I was told by some family that saying the right words will get you to heaven, when I pointed out scripture that says 'all those who call me Lord Lord..' They bailed, typical response. I have been pre-consigned to hell by these people, along with most humanity, Catholics, most protestants, unsaved SIDS babies,'cults (anyone not them),' etc. etc. etc., They make Gods job so easy as they say who goes to heaven/hell, releaving him of the responsibility.

Moderator - SLCguy are you a Christian? If so, when are you going to forgive your family?

Religion Is The Root Of Evil
Whats wrong with this picture? Micro; A murderer kills someone. The 'unsaved' victim burns. The murderer goes to prison, gets 'saved' and goes to heaven. Macro; Nazis kill millions of Jews and others in WW2, the Germans, are mostly Catholic or Luthern, they go to heaven, the victims, by the millions go to hell? A Mother Theresa(or someone like her) leads a 'Christlike' life, dies, and burns. A person is evil all their life, make a deathbed confession and goes to heaven.

Who Is Joseph Campbell
Joseph Cambell is not 'jibberish' he saw mythos as metaphor. I doubt those who blanket denounce him or anyone else not a 'literalist' has ever read anything he has written. Through I do not care for him, I did read 'Hero with a thousand faces' in college. 'Literalism' is a trap, requiring one to deny reality in order to maintain faith. True faith has no fear of reality.

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