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Is Love A Feeling Or An Action
Also just to add. I noticed people quoting John 3:16. If you look at the verse "God so loved the world THAT he gave his only Begotten son." From this verse it's fair to say that the ACTION of giving his son was a result of love.

Is Love A Feeling Or An Action
"Love the Lord your God with all your HEART, with all your SOUL, with all your MIND, and with all your STRENGTH." Mark 12:30 Again the words Heart, soul, mind, and strength stand out for me. Because actions are choices and choices come from the brain. So if Love is only a choice then why does it say "Love the Lord with all you HEART..."? How do you love with all your heart, what's in your heart that you should give it all to God. When people talk about God and love, I've heard pastors say that there are people with hatred in there hearts. What does this all mean?

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