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Mid-Life Female With Depression
I know exactly how you feel.I'm 47 years old and suffer from major depression. It seems like no one else understands the way I feel,hopeless,and I just want to give up. everyday I find it hard to get out of bed and face the day ahead.Praying for you,and me both.

Do You Hate Liars
I HATE liars. I hate them with a passion and i don't mean most people who lie sometimes to make someone feel better or to fix up a problem, no, I mean those ones that whatever comes out of there mouth is a lie. Its how I almost got beaten, its almost why my friend got in trouble for rape, it's why my friend can't go walking around. It's all because of ONE big liar. lying her way to get people to turn on other people and when they get in trouble for it? They lie again!

Who is John Hagee?
Some on these blogs are guilty of the same charges you are making against JH. Guilty as the sin charged, pulling themselves away from adulterous affairs and standing in the pulpit.

August What's Up Blog
Uh huh. I really believe that one. Not.

August What's Up Blog
Darlene1, Cynthia1, that is interesting, Kathr4453 is 58 also. But all of you gals are at different ages. Holly is 48 and good gracious, Marcia was only 23.

August What's Up Blog
Mary, one of your testimonies was identical to Holly's, Donna's.
It was the one about the sperm whale.
So naturally, I am skeptical, especially when jessica always has someone on the verge of dying or recently dying.

August What's Up Blog
Well Mary you are Linda, aka Holly Donna.
You come in a sweeter package than all of the rest.
So Linda, do you really have congestive heart failure? It is hard to know when you are telling the truth. By the way, you are also jessica, that has everyone dying on her, all the time.

Is This Prophetess Of God
But of course, she would be your inspiration, Robynn.
After all, you are Rachel Reiter the prophetess, ready to launch off into the deep.

Wife Having An Emotional Affair
J.D., when do you think you might tell your husband? I don't think you ever will.
You are very adept at living in a fantasy world or lying, I think you'll continue to pull this one off. It probably won't be the last affair. But there will be one final affair and then comes the judgment.
Until then, I'm sure we'll continue hearing tales from the fantasy world.

Wife Having An Emotional Affair

It's important to keep the 'wandering eye' in affair begins with a lustful look..., you are the "friend" aren't you?

Marriage Of Convienence Wrong
You've been letting it all hang out lately, Robyn.
From your answers, it does appear you've been or are miserable in your marriage.
Do you think you'll stay married?

Affair With My Wife's Sister
I am sorry, it must be painful for you, but if you love one another, there is hope for you both, It could be that you were just out spreading your wings, and soon you will fly back home.

Friend Had Child That Died
First if it was my best friend I wouldn't have to ask that kind of question. You should already know how to comfort them. However my advice would be that you don't have to say anything, just listen and offer any help if needed. Don't avoid them, help them. How would you feel?

ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome
I have tourette syndrome and ADHD, and I often have to remind myself that God must have given me these problems for a reason. If you have cures for these problems, please tell me. May God be with you always.

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