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Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Warwick you are simply wrong in the Greek definitions you wish to force upon us.

With all the Spiritual purity of Christ why so many insist He be a winebibber is mind boggling.

Well not exactly... "The Carnal Mind is emnity with God"

You all have been warned. The Consequences of alcohol useage will you reap.

Then you will be reminded of this discussion.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Allen the word "wine" refers to both juice and fermented product and many here confuse the two like they confuse Christs Blood as being anything but pure and unleavened.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
The Scriptures never say that Jesus Drank Alcohol. He refused even the Sour Wine.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
AllenUK: Said **He was not afraid to meet and witness to who habitually drank wine to excess** Amen. And that is what I am doing and just because I am witnessing does not mean that I nor Jesus are Alcohol Consumers even though some will say we are. We drink New Wine and listen to Biblical Counsel against fermented product. Christ was the inspiration by the Spirit to the Prophets who spoke against fermented drink.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Thats right WARWICK you "cant get drunk on Grape Juice." Thanks for clarifying that.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Frank, no gnats here...just new fruit from the vine

Mat26:28 "For this is My Blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this FRUIT OF THE VINE, until that day when I drink it NEW with you in my Father's kingdom"

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Frank: They accused Jesus of having a Demon... does that also make it true. Christ was no wine bibber because He drank the pure fruit of the vine. "Oinos" refers to both the Fruit of the Vine and sour wine. Jesus does not get people drunk because it is against His nature. He is pure.

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