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Are Interfaith Churches Biblical
But, have a question for you. Where are they ever called "three persons"?

My thought is why divide if three equals one and one is three? Trav

No one answered my question why does Jude refer to the Father and the Son as two?

When you can answer why the two are spoken of as separate I will answer your first question.

JESUS is still a man since He was bodily resurrected. See Revelations. We use persons because it conveys a thought in English. So do you admit that there are two since one is human and one is Spirit?

Revelation 4,5 pictures two very plainly.

What Are Gates Of Hell
Yes JESUS is the son. But as a man He is no longer omnipresent.

Except through the HOLY SPRIT. To have the HOLY SPIRIT in us is to have JESUS in us. But we cannot see or talk to him face to face right now. That comes when we go home.

He is both GOD and Man and has existed from eternity. But he did not walk this earth as GOD. But as a man. As a both He is our High Priest.


Missing Books From Bible
Cluny our individual churches do not cut out the Apocrypha.

Protestants and those Scholars from the days of Martin Luther and since have shown that these books are not part of scripture. All Protestants just agree to that. It is not individual churches that do this.

What major doctrines do you get out of these Apocrypha books?

Seminary Makes Non Christians
Amazing Cluny. JESUS quoted Scripture constantly and used the phrase it is written over 20 times. He also said:Mat 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Yet you Cluny say that JESUS did not believe we are to follow every word that came out of his mouth to his prophets.

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