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Why Is There War
So very true sin which is born of selfishness and nurtures hate is the cause of all the problems.

Agree and Agape

Explain Romans 1:20
Amen Luke

Dear Rita

First we are commanded to spread the Gospel. Second it must be done before JESUS can come. Knowing JESUS helps improve their lives makes them happier and then some who are lost now can come to JESUS because of the love we show to them.

Will God Forgive Me
Men left in their dead state are unable of themselves to repent, to believe the gospel, or to come to Christ. They have no power within themselves to change their natures or to prepare themselves for salvation.
"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day" (John 5:44). Mark_V.

True every word you write here. The difference is that JESUS draws all men to Him. Not just a few. So all are called and empowered to changed by the HOLY SPIRIT. But then many like the seed turn back or let Satan take away the Gospel.

You have to rewrite the Parable of the Sower to get your limited atonement and irrestible grace.

Sinners All Destroyed
At His Ascension, He returned to His place there.
Anywhere after sitting at the right of the Father is going to be a comedown.
Do you want Jesus to do that? Cluny

No. The Bible says the New Jerusalem will come down to earth and all the resurrected saints will live in the City.

Our stand on Pre is that JESUS comes before the Millennium and takes His people to Heaven. The resurrected saints will live in the New Jerusalem a forever kingdom.

So we have points of agreement. But I do not understand your view of the New Earth and the New Jerusalem. We look on the words of Isaiah 65 & 66 and others that the Earth made new will be Heaven here on earth with GOD dwelling with us. Revelation also says this.

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