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Prepared For Hell
Bro. Samuel, I have been here a short time trying to learn about God and when someone explains the will of God even providing passages, as a few have, it brings the worse in others who answer here. I thought that learning about God was the purpose of every believer. I believe some kind of evil force in trying to convince the believer not to know about the will of God. Maybe the reason is that they don't belong to the body of Christ, and that is why they don't show any love. What do you think?

Who Can God Save
Leon, I want to understand the truth and have trouble with what you say. If the people who are lost are separated from God, whom are called unbelievers, if they have a choice as you tell it, don't you think you saying something contrary to what Jesus said, when He said, no one can come to Him unless it has been granted to him by His Father? I too have trouble with what you say, because the will of the lost is never for God. Can you explain that contradiction?
Love sister Sarah,

Will Israel Get Saved
Christan, I am so happy for your help. It really looks to me that when you explain the will of God, it brings a lot of hate from so many, as if they are on line so that nobody finds out about God. Do you know what I mean? Like forces of evil are working against the teachings of God. I never seen that before.

Will Israel Get Saved
Christan, you're my hero! Jesus who?

Will Israel Get Saved
Brother Christan, I really appricate the passages you provide all the time, and the explanations you give. They really bring the light of truth so clear, it is almost impossible to miss. Do you believe two groups are going into heaven? Israelites and the Church being the two different groups? Or just one group, the Church?

Do Prophets Still Exist
Eloy, are you telling me that you can see the future? Know what is going to happen in the future that is not written in the bible? new information? maybe you can tell when the second coming is going to happen, do you?

Making Of The Universe
Leon, I am very sorry if I did not understand you. I thought you said, "I've always had many questions, that it was part of growing with Christ." so I thought you were seeking to know something to grow in Christ. You were not seeking to know something about God you did not understand, you had different intentions. The reason you did not like other peoples answers is because they differ then yours, that is why I was confuse and wanted to hear what everyone had to say. Sorry I asked.

Do Prophets Still Exist
Eloy, I have a very delicate question for you since you are a prophet. In our church we have a prophet also. He has the ability to see visions of the future. Which ability do you have? Can you see the future for the church? Is there such a man who can see the future? What do you see that is not written?

Making Of The Universe
Leon, I do believe you are sorry, but here is why I answered, if you have questions because you do not understand something, nothing wrong with that. But when people answer the questions you put out because you do not understand something, you do not like their answers. If you didn't know something why do you oppose what they say? Wouldn't you listen since you don't know, and the reason you ask? Think about it. I didn't know the question either so was waiting for others to answer so I could study what they said.
Love Sarah

Making Of The Universe
Leon you must think you are funny to play games with God's word. Introducing questions that bring confusion to those who are beginning, like me, in my walk with God. It's not wise to play games with the word unless you are not saved.

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