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Why Do I Make the Same Mistakes
You may seek help from professional counselors.

How To Avoid Divorce
I totally agree with Ralph77. No sure guarantee. You can be a committed Christian but you cannot guarantee your partner's decisions in life. Mariage takes two and it is always a risk. I guess we just need to make decisions based on the facts on our hands and trust God for how it turns out. seble5457

What Is The Meaning Of Life
Paul said, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." In Phil 3, Paul also stated his desire to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. I have taken my purpose/meaning of life from Paul, to know Jesus and to be like Him. Seble5457

Baptized For Dead Family Member
As we cannot believe for others, we do not baptise for others too.

Our belief in Chirst is what is saving us and not baptisim.

My Prayer Life Is Weaker
God listens to our prayers whether we feel it or not. So our feelings should not dictate us to know the truth about our prayer life. However, you can also experience talking to God not only when you kneel down but also when you drive, when you clean, when you do other things...seble5457

Are Men To Be Laughed At
Steve, not only men but also women, children, elderly people, bosses or authority figures, etc. deserve respect. I had hard time understanding why only men deserve respect. If we all focus on our responsibilities and prove by our lifestyles, we can easily earn respect without fighting for it or claiming that "WE DESERVE RESPECT."

Are Men To Be Laughed At
I live in a partriarchal society where men have all the privileges and women are second citizens. Are socieites problems solved? Not at all. Hence, I believe that we need to focus on our responsibilities in being like Christ instead of relying on systems that can restore godliness. If we want respect, let's respect others and be models of integrity. Establishing patriarchal society may not be the answer to restore men's leadership position. In fact, it could be a license to dominate others. seble5457

How Do I Love Myself
My Dear Sunshine, I do understand your feelings for I am now conseling 20 sexually abused children (age 3-14). I usually say that it is those who are the perpetrators who should feel bad and not the victims. Unfortunately, the abusers impose those negative feelings and the victims carry those all the way through. I wonder why the 1 1/2 years has not been of help? Let me suggest that you read "Victory over the Darkness" by Neil Anderson.seble5457

My Husband Is Unfaithful
I understand your torn apart feelings. You told us that you are still connected to him; on the other hand, he does not seem to be willing to respect that connection. God can change things and no doubt about it. When people choose to remain in their sin, God does not force people to change. My dear, I also suggest Christian counseling. seble5457

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