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Are Women High Maintenance
Well for many of us good innocent men out there which i do speak for others as well, it is very extremely hard to find a good woman for us to Accept us for who we really are since there are so many that have their Careers now which it is all about Money for them. Why would many of us men out there Blame ourselves for the way how women have completely Changed over the years? Absolutely Not. And i always thought that i was going to meet the right good woman for me which Never happened, and if i was that Blessed which i Wasn't at all which i would've been married with a wife and family by now instead of being by myself. And God did say that man should Not be alone which i totally agree.

God Doesn't Want Me Married
Why in the world would i want to be single when it makes me very Depressing? Why did God bless so many others with a wife and family that i would've wanted too? Doesn't make any sense at all. Most women out there are so very Pathetic to meet anyway, and that certainly explains why there are so many of us single men today. And God did say that man Should Not be alone. Right?

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