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How To Stop Abortions
If you want to stop abortions-Do not vote for John Mccain-He voted in favor of abortion in 1999. While Obama supports choice in the early stages of pregnancy, he is against, and wants an immediate ban on all late-term abortions...With Obama's bi-partisan initiative, We could finally put a stop to late term, & partial birth, abortions-once & for all!!! Also, his programs to help the poor, and providing better healthcare, education, etc...could help many more women make better choices for life!!!

Democrats For Abortion
You are sadly misinformed. If you had watched the last debate you'd know that while Obama may support choice in the very earliest stages of pregnancy-He is personally against abortion, and wants an immediate ban on all late term, or partial-birth, abortions (unless the mother's life is in danger). John Mccain, on the other hand, may "claim" to be pro-life to garner votes, but in 1999 he voted against overturning Roe V Wade-"in favor of abortion"! He is also an adulterer,,liar, slanderer, wealthy opportunist-who you think to be a Christian-but refused to be baptized, and because of it has never been a "legal/full" member of his own nominally attended Baptist church-Look it up (the truth & not rhetoric).

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