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Will We Know People In Heaven
B. Hall, I'm very sorry about your loss. I have lost a string of people the past 4 years and know the bitter aftertaste very well. To answer your question, I think the reason God put the tree of knowledge in eden was because he wanted to offer us a choice. If we didn't have that, we would be robots. I'm sure we'd find a way to blame him for that too. I know I struggle with this alot, wondering why God lets us suffer so much. But think about it, if God would be willing to be tortured for our transgressions so nobly, we, his children, shouldn't expect life to be fair either. How the truth can hurt. God knows how many times I have blamed him myself.

Much Love

Mother-In-Law Is A Witch
I believe you need to seek God and ask Him to change your spirit towards her and your husband. I don't understand, if you hate your husband so much because he honors his mother then why did you marry him? If this part of him bothered you so much you should have thought this through before getting married to him. In conclusion, you dug your own grave, babe!

What Is The Worst Sin
There is only one sin and that is separation from God. What we call sins are actually the consequence of sin. For example, let's talk about murder. The sin is being separate from God and the consequence/result is murder.

Woman Through Medical Procedure
I'm not being silly, but what about hemaphrodites?

I Am Lonely Without A Mate
Part I: My best friend/fiance (5 yrs) and I just broke off our engagement . It just wasn't right. Im very am lonely, but at the same time am choosing to embrace the opportunity to find myself and make this period in my life a time of self-exploration. Sure it's hard and it hurts. My friends are getting married and some are starting to have children.

I Am Lonely Without A Mate
Part II: I feel like I am not doing something that I should be doing at this point in my life. However, I have come to the conclusion that I am where God wants me right now. Apparently, I can't do the personal work and experience the growth that he wants for me while I am with my best friend. It's important to think about the future and yet live in the moment. Focus on and embrace who you are, what you have, and your relationship with God.

Can Females Wear Pants
Thank you for the comment Bruce! Short, sweet and to the point. I agree.

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