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Fear Of Water Baptism
I have implants on my spine and should not bend backwards. Is there any other way for immersion. Also I have a phobia of water. I know that doesn't come from God, but I have it. I was gloriously saved a few months ago, now I'm scared.

Marry Cheating Lying Boyfriend
I have been in this situation myself. (weird we have the same name!) Anyway, you should no longer date him. You can remain friendly and pray for him but put space between you and him. Talk to Jesus like you would talk to your boyfriend and take this time to grow closer to Him. I know it's hard, but you know it won't work unless he changes. Plant the seeds,pray,let God work and leave this man to make up his own mind. That is all you can do.

Can I Marry An Old Man
My boyfriend is 49 and I'm 25. We love each other very much and have been in a relationship for about 2 1/2 years. I play over our lives together in my head and the thing that scares me the most is the likelihood of him passing well before me, or his health deteriorating because of age and me feeling lonely because we can't spend the same kind of time together. I was interested in Robyns response because she is living exactly what I am afraid to live down the road and she's happy. Responses?

Looking For A Guy God Wants
i am also confused and since all of you guys have great answers to this question. I was wondering...what if you have the perfect guy who follows God and is everything you have always wanted...How then do you know if this is the right one that God intended you to be with?? I dont want to read into it wrong and make a mistake. We've been dating for a while and i feel like i should just know what God wants for me...i still dont. So then what should i do?

Dateline on NBC About Christianity
I saw parts of it

How Do You Memorize Scriptures
As you read verses, God writes them in your heart and mind.

Should This Man Be Prosecuted
I also heard this clergy say the reason he made that statement was because Americans are too cocky, rich and inferior. Not that I would ever in a millions would want 9/11 to happen again, it did get our attention. As for us pew warmers living a carefree life I believe 9/11 got us praying again for one another and our country.

Pastor Wants To Have An Affair
Is this about my husband? After finding out that my husband had been seeing another woman 2 years ago, I haven't been to church since. It's hard to forgive and forget especially when you live in a fish bowl for everyone to view. I say let him go...but mine won't.

Can Sinners Change Bad Habits
rebecca said it best if he is willing to change action speaks louder than words. the two of you should get before a good christian professional help. Abuse is due to being abused or neglect is some way that was never dealt with. your husband is asking for help because he can not change himself because he does not know what to change. do your marriage a favor and get help fast while he is still asking for it

Is Secular Music Okay
Think about this secular music hightens the viewers experience when watching a movie like star wars, cars or sound of music. Without being "churchy", if any song christian or secular, rock or classic song grieves you or the holy spirit in anyway I do not suggest listening to it. If you are singled listen to clean love ballads i feel this is not good because it gets your mind wondering, however if you were married listening to clean love ballads would help improve your oneness.

Am I Scared Or Anxious
donna9759 you are scaring me. Dottie without being spooky, God honors the covenant between a man and woman. Dottie in my personal opinion I believe you are scared that being married again could possible end up like the last marriage. if the two of you are not equally yoked meaning if you are saved and your boyfriend is not saved, i would not recommend marriage.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
you should really do your research before you blog false info about others ministries. this is disturbing, no wonder the world is laughing at the church because we can becoming our own worst enemy. if i called you would you tell this total strange how much you make or how much you tithe? again you should really do your research before you blog your opinion about anyones ministry.

Help With Husband's Anger
I forget the exact chapter & verse, but it's the verse that says, "Come to me all who are weak and heavy burdended and I shall give you rest." Give it to God and He will deliver you.

Dateline on NBC About Christianity
I saw parts of it

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