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Husband Comes Before The Kids
Who came up with the idea of idolizing a man for what God commanded him to do....provide for your family....made up mankind traditions.....We idolizes to many things in this world.....a woman is a helpmate not a servant

Prayer For Terminal Cancer
My daughter's father Gary Love has terminal stage four lung cancer. Please pray for his recovery.

He has a large inoperable tumor on his chest. Please help me pray for healing!

Thank you!

Pray To Make Someone Love You
If prayer changes everything darling "why wouldnt it change this?" yes you can ask God anything age is not an issue and your not manipulating anybody you just asking God for what you desire. I dont see any big deal on this. Just pray from the heart sweety.

Married To An Unbeliever
I think by the grace of God only. You literally become the living Bible in the home. Prayer will yield results and be encouraged that God said we can "do all things through him". Surround yourself with enough godly friends who can lift you up in prayer when the going gets tough and the burdens seems too heavy. We are called to share one another's burdens.

Do Lies Become Truth becomes their truth. Otherwise, they would not keep believing in the lies. It does not mean it is Truth per se...because God is the only Truth!

What Are False Teachers Doing
False teachers will try to teach for doctrine rules and regulations or ideas concocted in their own minds rather than the doctrines or teachings of the truth of being "IN CHRIST" which is being submerged into HIM per Galations 2:20. in other words, it ain't about us but it is about HIM, and what HE did for us.

Trapped By Satan
Greater is HE that is "IN YOU" than he that is in the world. WHO is "IN YOU"? HE who is "IN YOU" freed you from Satan's hold. If HE that is in you is "JESUS" then "BY FAITH" you believe in your heart took care of Satan when HE died on the cross. Satan's tricks cannot compare to HIS ALMIGHTY POWER to free and deliver.

Trapped By Satan
Greater is HE that is "IN YOU" than he that is in the world. WHO is "IN YOU"? HE who is "IN YOU" freed you from Satan's hold. If HE that is in you is "JESUS" then "BY FAITH" you believe in your heart that JESUS took care of Satan when HE died on the cross. Satan's tricks and lies to your mind cannot compare to HIS ALMIGHTY POWER to free and deliver. Believe what HE says about you. JESUS don't lie.

Message Of The Cross
The message of the Cross is that a sacrifice is required to clease us from our sin. Jesus was THE LAMB of God who was sacrificed for us. We are "saved" from eternal damnation because of what JESUS did on the CROSS not by anything We Do. We have faith and assurance we are saved by faith in what Jesus did and faith also that we are set apart (sanctified) for the Holy Spirit to work in our daily lives, changing us little by little into the image of Christ

Message Of The Cross
we overcome sin in our present life here on earth. we overcome by the blood of the lamb which is by Jesus who shed HIS blood. All this is done by "FAITH". We believe HE took all our sin, past, current, and future upon himself on the cross.

Did Jesus Pay For All Sins
Jesus paid for everybody's sins, but unfortunately not everyone believes this, thus because of their unbelief they do not accept this great gift and forfeit their redemption.

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
Should all abortions be illegal?
No. I think that women should be left alone to practice whatever religion they believe in. This decision is very private and personal to the individual. We do hope, however, in the end that they come to the saving knowledge of Christ!

Would it also make sense to imprison people who won't take care of their ailing parents. This is just as personal of a decision as abortion. THIS IS ALSO A LIFE!

Marriage Was A Mistake
Yes, you are incredibly unhappy anytime you can voice this to strangers and not to your husband. Give him a chance to defend himself! You need to sit him down and tell him exactly what you need, itemized and specifics included. Maybe you are asking for things that he just can fulfill. An honest conversation needs to happen!

Men cannot read women's minds nor vice versa! You must try to have a real conversation with him especially if you say that he really loves you. It would be worth it.

Does he really love you? Think about it and don't answer TOO quickly!

End-Time Visions And Dreams
Hey, I had the same dream.Is it more to this dream?

Dating A Non-Believer
I'm sure you've heard this but, yes it is wrong. 2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? To yoke yourself to someone who is bound to an idolatrous denomination, is definitely wrong. If you truly love this person then you have a journey before you. While remaining in abstinence you must witness to and pray for this woman. However, you need to seek His wisdom in ALL things, ask Him if she is the one He has chosen for you. He will let you know! Trust me, the consequences of marrying an unbeliever anyway, are long term and agonizing spiritually.

Are Sabbath Keepers Judaizers
Gen 2:1-3
Notice that God established the Sabbath day at creation. He established the Sabbath day before sin entered the world. He also blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it - or set it aside for a holy purpose. Marriage is the only other institution recorded in the Bible that God established before man's fall into sin.

Did Jesus' followers keep the Saturday Sabbath? Luke 23:50-24:3
Jesus was crucified on Friday, the preparation day, He rested in the tomb on Sabbath, and He arose on Sunday, the first day of the week. Notice that the women wouldn't even break the Sabbath in order to anoint Jesus' body! Instead, they rested in obedience to the commandment

Give Me This Man
Thank you very much for your responses - there are two respones here:
1. be like Ruth
2. Wait upon the Lord.

I am so tempted to heed both advice (simultaneously). Asking God to give me a sign and reveal His plans for me while I become a "Ruth" to this man.

I am so confused and slowly losing hope.

I Am Mad At God
I won't say it's right but I will say it's okay to be mad at God but not to blame Him because this was not His doing in no way. God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I can't and I won't even dare say I know what you are going through because I don't. But I will say whenever you do get the chance. Ask God for forgivness just in case it is wrong to be mad at Him. I pray that God will heal you, restore you and bring you out all the hardaches you may be experiencing. And most of all that He will give you peace and guide you to your next destination. And may the rest of your life be filled with God's favor.

What Are You Thankful For
GOD, His son Jesus for dying for my sins and raising on the 3rd day, My beautiful and very talented and devoted husband, Our 6 lil blessings from heaven, A roof over our head, food to eat, that I'm able to help others who are in need, My limbs, life and right now, this very moment of existence. And the list can go on and on:)

Why Do You Believe In God
I believe in God because He has done so much for me that no other human could possibly do for me. He has brought me out of the deepest despairs and nightmares of my past. I have so much to be greatful for. I can talk to Him anytime I want about anything and never be judged for it and that makes me feel special and very much loved and most of all, I love the peace that I experience when all has turned upside down.

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