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Anyone With Unsaved Family
I was finally able to bring my mother to the Lord 3 weeks before she died! It took getting on my knees for the most of a day, praying upon Bible verses to do with unbelief. I prayed these over her, asking God to soften her heart and help her to listen. My best friend sent a card to her with John 3:16 in it. I talked to her a lot on the phone those last days of her life. I told her that her firstborn son (who died at age 8 days) would be in Heaven waiting to meet her. I had asked her if I could pray for her. She actually said that was OK, even though at that point she was not saved yet.

Discipline My Daughter
As your husband is new to the picture, he should "step" aside and let you work on disciplining your daughter. I hope you also set him straight on what a marriage partnership really means and do not by any means let him control every aspect of your life.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
The man just got in office- who were you blaming before him, hmmm? Or was it just peachy keen when the old establishment was robbing the America people blind? If truth betold, the wealthy do not care about you and me (and they never will) and since the majority of politicians are backed by the wealthy, they do not have our best interests at heart.

What If Jesus Didn't Defeat Death
1st_cliff on 5/24/05-God knows what I embrace&it's He who opens my heart to the Truth of His Word.

Your answers might be comprehensive if you answered them as asked #1,#2,#3,#4,#5.Hard to impart answers when you're not clear what your answering.Please be clear,it's really not that hard.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-Your statement *The distinction of Catholic and Christian was made by you I just reiterated the phrase* is flat misrepresentation.You've never directly quoted me,so don't claim it by saying you supposively reiterated one of my phrases.You said, *Sheila that would be christian . I am Catholic* based on no distinction made by me.

Misrepresent me again, and I will comment again.

I'll look periodically to see if any of my questions have been answered.

Regardless -- God bless you!

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-What's with this comment?: *Sheila that would be christian . I am Catholic*

Catholics can't be Christian? *Christian* is even in the Douay-Rheims Translation.
Ac.26:28*...persuadest me to become a Christian.*
1Pe4:16* a Christian,let him not be ashamed:but let him glorify God in that name.*
Seems denying being Christian is to deny Christ.You deny being Christian?Or, is it a capital vs. lowercase *c* thing?

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-I will take my leave now, as my life is in crisis(trials are harsh,but are not punishment.They test my faith and produce steadfastness,Jas.1:3)
I pray you begin to always have to courage to follow the command in 1Pe3:14-16, and stop sometimes ridiculing those who present Scripture supporting their beliefs, or ridiculing cuz someone asked you a question.
I will look periodically for a while to see if any of my questions have been answered.
God bless you!

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Ruben-Thanks.Yes of course 1 Co.1:10 is correct.In context,Paul tells them not to be divided over who taught them(or anything), & told them * & ye are Christ's, & Christ is God's*(1Co 3:23). & Paul tells us to agree there are differences in beliefs & tells us all about it in Rm14.In Rm 15:20 he says there's differences in the foundations laid upon Christ(why else would he not want to lay upon another man's foundation?).All of these Scriptures are true.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-Jn.17:3* & this is eternal life,that they know you the only true God, & Jesus Christ whom you have sent.*
Tob.12:19*I seemed indeed to eat & to drink with you:but I use an invisible meat and drink,which cannot be seen by men.*

What's your point in these verses?

It's your claim that the church is our salvation, & it's not claimed in God's Word.Mt.16:17-19 doesn't claim it.The gates of hell don't prevail against the church cuz Jesus saves it,not cuz the church saves itself.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-It's your thoughts that often don't run on a sane parallel(meaning they're unreasonable).For example,in response to my question:*How about just answering *yes* or *no* with brief explanation whether Mary is the only way to Jesus?* You said,*have I ever said that Mary is the only way to Jesus?*
Of course you haven't said Mary is the only way to Jesus,or I wouldn't be asking.Why would I ask the question if you had plainly already answered it?
You still haven't answered it with a *yes* or *no*

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-You asked *What makes you say that mary is the Only way to Jesus, that is your christian thought Based On what?*
Answer: I never said Mary is the only way to Jesus, I was asking you if you thought Mary is the only way to Jesus.
You said *on the contrary you have insisted that is your(christian) way*
What's that all about? I insisted what? I sure didn't insist you said Mary is the only way to Jesus, that's why I asked you.
*Clarification*, Emcee -- it's a Biblical concept (1Peter3:14-16).

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-You asked *Do you object to seeking Marys Help,if you so desire to use her as an intecessory Power"what is the objection if no law Broken?*
I don't seek Mary's help.For me it's sinful(Rm14:18-23).Vs.21 tells us not to *do anything that causes your brother to stumble.*So you shouldn't encourage me to talk to Mary,cuz I doubt it's right(Vs23).But it's not wrong for me to ask whether you think Mary is the only way to Jesus -- which you still haven't answered clearly with a *yes* or *no.*

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-Also, why do you keep claiming the church is our salvation? Nothing in Scripture says that either. The church is the bride of Christ, we are the church.

We are not saved by the bride of Christ, and it is not ourselves that saves us.

There is but one church (Eph4:4-6 -- one body, one faith) --only one bride. But the beliefs vary (Rom 14:13). Each of us is a temple for the Holy Spirit, but sinful nature will reside in us too until we are changed (1Co.15:51-58)

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-What part of the prophecy of Gen3:15 have I denied?The part about *she* crushes Satan's head? I didn't deny that. I still think *they* is the correct term, and *she* would be part of *they*, so I'm not denying that. Regardless Douay Rheims footnoted *for it is by her seed, Jesus Christ, that the woman crushes the serpent's head.*

Mary didn't do it without Jesus, so why do you separate the two so it sounds as though she did?

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-What of Mt16:17-19 says Christ's church is w/o err? Paul said he was w/o err (about his teachings). But apostles are now gone(Paul said he was the last one), & nowhere in Scripture says the church is presently w/o err.

I've said nothing that portrays Christ's church as something to be denied.(What example do you have?)Just cuz it has err,doesn't mean it's to be denied.It's to be decorated though:she's well adorned in Rev 21:2.Why do you have a problem with the church being decorated?

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Alan of UK -Yes, that is a good laugh for everyone. I did think Douay Rheims really was a person. They were places (Rheims, a college).

I'll correct what I said:

I don't think anyone associated with what we know as translation into the Douay Rheims Bible (or Rheims-Douai Bible)made any deliberate errs,with intent to decieve while doing the translation.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-Why do you keep asserting that the church is above condemnation (without fault) when Scripture doesn't state that? Why do you state that when Scripture shows when churches have been at fault (such as churches mentioned in Rev2 & 3)? The foundation of the true Church is Eph 2:19-22. It does not contradict Mt.16:17-19, but does show that Peter is not the only stone in the foundation & 1Co3:11 clarifies that all foundations are laid upon Christ.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-You are mistaking my disagreements with you with the fact that I'm only doing 1Pe3:14-16 esp.*but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, & be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asks you a reason of the hope in you,with meekness & fear.* I fall short on meekness, but meekness isn't a fruit you bear well either.I've definitely been mistreated by Catholics(Jn15:20)including you.How have I mistreated you?I know you've complained of my questions before,but that makes no sense to me.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee-Your answer *God abhors sin" was a statement re your suggestion that we must talk to maryto make contact with shepherd Jesus'- was your belief I said it was permissable and not out of line with scripture*is confusing.It's sinful to suggest you may think talking to Mary is the only way to Jesus? Or, it's sinful not to understand that talking to Mary is the only way to Jesus* ???

How about just answering *yes* or *no* with brief explanation whether Mary is the only way to Jesus?

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