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Do Demons Really Exist
If you believe in the Bible you must believe in demons. Jesus cast many demons out.

I myself have seem many demon possesions. And, the blessing of when the people were freed. I saw much of this in a Halfway House and ministering in the streets.

But till you see a tame man start foaming at the mouth at the mention of the name of Jesus, or people start seizing when you preach, you may not believe, the fact there are demons.

But, we have to remember were there are demons and satan, God and his angels watch over you.

Baptizing Members Only
Baptism is a requirment by God, not to be saved, but as your first witness to the world that you have commited your self to Christ.
I do see why churches would want their members to be baptised. They want members who are willing to show their faith to the world. This also means they will be willing to minister in the church.
The church is not saying you can not come to the church. You just can not minister their, or vote on issues that have to do with the church. You may have been baptised somewhere else, you will not be required to do it again.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I have been married to a Narcissistic husband for over 11 years. We "went together" for 11 years before we got married, and even then I saw/heard his weirdness, but it just didn't register that there was a problem. Intimacy died before we were married. I swear this man has NO feelings....shows no signs of sadness, happiness, ect. He is "flat lined". No empathy OR sympathy. Wants to control EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to HIS money. We managed to have two wonderful sons (8 & 11). But I don't want them growing up seeing/hearing all of this mans WEIRD ideas on things. Everything a "regular" person does........this man does the exact opposite. He is a WEIRDO!!!!!! I am saving $$$$ to get a divorce.

Does God Forget Our Sins
MarkV it's obvious you know your Bible, but you yourself got off on the wrong track and forgot to answer the question. Since we have already been forgiven of sin why do we need to be accountable? We need to be accountable not for forgiveness but to repair the relationship between us and God.( to put in simple terms.)

Our relationship with God is just that, a relationship. When we wrong a friend or love one don't we go to them and make up for what we've done, repent in a seance. How much more would we want to make things right with our God, our best friend, hopeful the love of outlives?

Is It Possible To Not Sin
Because I am not perfect, no one is, I know it is impossible to live without sin. Only one person could do it, that was Jesus Christ. But, because of him I live free of the wrath of sin. My sins have been forgiven. That makes me free of the bonds of sin.

Get Out Of A Christian Marriage
Yes there is such thing as getting out of a Christian marriage, if it abides to what the Bible says.My ex- husband was a Sunday school teacher and on the church council.He just had another side to him that he hid well.He had been raping my daughter for years.She finally just decided to tell me one day thanks to a tv program that was based on rape and that it was ok to tell.He is now serving 2 life sentences do to what went on. .We will make it through with God's help.

Sugar Coat The Truth
Everything in this blog should not be sugar coated. The Truth needs to be shared in love, and mercy and grace. Christ never sugar coated anything. And yet he showed God's loved where ever he went.

There are plenty of sites out there for people who are looking for sugar.

The Lord says we don't want anyone to parish, and this can only happen when seeds are sown in fertile soil.

It's true we as people don't know who's heart is already prepared for heaven, so shouldn't we give everyone the opportunity to see and hear the word? God Bless You

Are You Scared To Die
This is a great question. God has protected me from death many times. I have many health problems that make it a gift that I'm even here. I never thought I would make it past 30 and I'm 37.
I believe my life is gift from God, but my death will be a gift as well. I wont have any health problems, yes this will be great. But, I will get to be with the One who has been with me and protecting me.
It is a struggle to keep a positive out look on dying, but with a close relationship with God, through constant prayer and reading the Bible I can keep my eye's on Jesus.
The hardest part will be letting go of family who don't believe.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
My husband after 19 filed for divorce and moved out 9 months ago. I continually pray for him and our marriage daily. I feel God never gives up on us or leaves us and I am being a wife of never giving up on my marriage. God has lifed me because I don't let my husbands unhappiness defeat me. I know things will turn around in God's timing, I pray for all the marraiges out there that Satan is in and trying to defeat. I will not let that happen to my family, keep praying, have faith, and trust it is in God's timing.

How Do You Pray
when I pray it is a very personal time for is me and the and the Lord together spending time. I keep a prayer journal. i pray for my husband and kids, family, Pastor and his family, our country and president and missionaries our church supports and then I pray for specific things.

Can I Marry A Married Man
SORRY! he cant be your husband he is already someones husband. God is good he would never want you to take someone that does not belong 2 u. If you are having these conversations with him God is showing you what kind of husband he will make 4 you. Also picture another women asking the same questions your asking about your husband?

Why Are Pastors Having Affairs
I know. It is sad, but they are not the one that determines your destiny it is Jehovah. Just remember Satan is out there and he want us all to stop believing in our father. but as long as we hang strong to faith he will find the right paster with integrity 4u.

My Wife Is Violent
u's need 2 stop acting so selfishly and start finding away 2 work it out The only 1's getting hurt is the babes. When anger takes u anything happens. Husband u need 2 find away 2 help your wife. Her behavior reflects on your character. she will gain confidence if u were considerate to her needs. A women needs to see love not hear it. don't ignore her with hurtful words and bad behavior your her husband not her boyfr find your heart instead of your ego show your wife that you are nothing with out her

Husband Left Me For A Man
My heart goes out to you. You are not alone. As casual as that sounds, it is so true. God can heal the pain and bring you peace. Seek Godly counseling and search His word for guidance. Talking about it with someone who can offer biblical encouragement can be a balm in this valley you're in. God bless.

Should I Take My Husband Back
That's a big decision. Have you sought counseling from your pastor or a professional? There are soooo many possible scenarios that could develop, especially since there is a baby involved. Are you willing to be reunited with a man who was unfaithful to you and who married his mistress? Is he repentant and looking to live in a Godly way? Pray and seek God completely.

Can I Remarry After Divorce
I saught the answer for this very question in the wake of my possible divorce. The bible outlines conditions for remarriage in the book of 1 Corinthians 7 chapter and also in Matthew 19. I'm sure there are other books that address it but those two can offer some insight. Take care.

Reasons Against Abortion
Hello, I am thoroughtly against abortion because God said that we shall not commit murder and abortion is murder.The moment conception begings in the womb. Its a life that that starts to form and develop. So, I would encourage not to even entertain the thought of abortion because it is a sin and you will have to answer to God for it.

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