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Husband Living With Woman
Stand for your marriage. Pray, trust, believe. Marriage is ordained by God & it is his idea! The only person that can separate a marriage is God Himself and that is by death! Pray a hedge of protection around your husband (Hosea 2:6-7), pray this other woman's words will become bitter & her ways will become unstable. Mal 2:16 says For the Lord God of Isreal says He hates divorce for it covers one garments with violence. Stand firm, the world, friends and family will tell you different, but God will lead you. Search the scriptures, listen to His still small voice, expect a miracle.

My Wife Wants A Separation
God's word is full of strength! Lean on Him. He also says in Mal 2:16 the He hates divorce! Do you still love your husband, your children, are you willing to fight for them? Pray, believe, trust! Search the scriptures and let the Holy Spirit guide you! He will! Pray Hosea 2:6-7, Pray the other woman's words will become bitter and her ways will be unstable. Your husband has been taken captive by Satan! Stand in the gap for him! Seek the Lord to do His will in your marriage. You will never have peace until you are walking in the will of God. See the Lord to have the courage, to do the will of God for standing in the gap for your marriage, for your spouse and for your children. Seek the Lord for His will for your marriage!

Jesus Born On December 25th
Lord Jesus. . .I'm just glad You came to this earth to save us. . .no matter what the date.

Happy Birthday!

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
I think we should really be satisfied with the special way that God has made us, however there are people that their looks disturb their inside thoughts so much, that I think rather than the depression and self loathing, occasionally it is the right thing to do

Donate Clothes To Charity
I was only questioning the motive, yes.
We can't give to others expecting a return deposit.
When we make a deposit in someone's life, are you expecting a refund.
I think it's gaggy to drop off your old clothes and expect anything back.

Donate Clothes To Charity
Susie, yes, humor.
Are donated clothes considered an offering to God, and is it a blemished offering?
I've not looked at a donation center as an altar or the clothes as a burnt offering.
Not a sweet smell in God's nostrils.
Grandpa had a saying about an uppety lady in church long ago. With nose in the air and a royal look, she would plop her rear in the 'pew'. He called her, "Smells the Stink".

Donate Clothes To Charity
Joy, are you in a Word Faith church.
Would you expect a return or harvest from a pile of used clothes (maybe some new ones for yourself)?

Do Salaries Attract Pastors
Susie, that's really sheering the sheep, is it not? How can the church afford to pay 2 years of advanced salary?

Donate Clothes To Charity
So many extremes, Susie, Alan.
If you sprinkle a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on the clothes, whip them up like a salad, ..... the sacrificial offering would be preferred over a burnt offering.

Donate Clothes To Charity
Alan, they might as well go all out, and command the clothes to walk themselves over to the donation center. :)

Donate Clothes To Charity
You could hold a ceremony for the clothes. Speak to the old clothes and command they become brand new, according to Word Faith teaching, then you won't feel guilty.

Different Levels In Hell
I believe there are levels of hell.I've watched Perry Stone's teachings on hell.I believe that a nice person who died without Christ won't suffer as badly as a murderer.. at first.
In hell, there is no God. Sin continues and will drive a good person insane.Sin grows in hell meaning, every good person will become just as bad as the murderers.The lake of fire is the final judgement over hell and sin.

How To Stop Tattoos
I feel God will see into my soul and know I love Him. He is not going to look at tattoos as evil marks of the body. He is looking for evil marks on our soals. I have four tattoos and I love Christ.

Moderator - Please show the scriptures for tattoos honoring God.

Where Are The Men For Widows
First of all, if its God's don't have to worry..everything will happen in its time. The first advice I give to people with this issue is stop focusing all you attention on that. Do not seek to pursue someone..God will send them to you.

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