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Are Interfaith Churches Biblical
I'm here to tell you God is 3 entities in one. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. It's in the bible more times that we have fingers. Just look it up in your bible or the enternet.

Important Christian Work
Heavenly Father, I ask you to wrap your healing arms around strong ax. You know his needs. I pray you will give the dr's wisdom to help him heal. God I know there are more than 2 or 3 praying for him, so we know you are in the midst. I ask healing for him in the precious name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen

Are There Bible Based Churches
Steveng, you are the only one I've heard bicker about whose denomination is the best.i hate to say that but you are pro non denominational. You voice it every chance you get.

Debate Or Relate To Bible
Samuel. God is the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Jesus is 100 percent God and He was 100 percent man. Tho man was crucified and is no more. When we are saved the old man is crucified and we are new creatures in Christ.

Strong Delusion Of The Last Days
People will believe the antichrist and he's a big liar. I'm not sure if that is what 2thessalonians . You need to find out what strong delusion is. We already have strong delusion when mem marry men and women marry women. Another one is everybody's going to heaven. Many people have told me that.

When Did Mankind ProCreate
Adam and Eve died spiritually.

What's Up July 2014
My dr told me yesterday I'm at the end of my earthly days. I've been sick 4 years. He gave me something to relax me. After 2 nights of no sleep, he gave me something for anxiety. I slept for 15 hours last night. Feel much better. I'm gonna have to deal with hospice in a month or so. Right now, I'm hard to keep down. I want to do good things in my last days. Helping others. God is in control

Why Do People Take Drugs
Darlene, you r so right. I take stuff twice a day. My anxiety is out the roof plus I need knee replacement and dr won't touch me since all pneumonia I had 4 years ago. I had it 7 times in 2 years now on oxygen. If I get nervous my breathing stops (almost). I know your struggles and God knows them too.

Church Out Of Touch
If you are a born again believer, you are Gods. God said if MY people would pray and seek my face, I will hear their prayers and heal their land. I think I left out some words. Denominations is a choice for a Christian to make. It ain't up to you to dictate anything about a denomination. I am baptist because that is where God put me. All faiths can pray together.

Do You Own A Bible
Rita it takes lots of space to list all the things I would love to say. Please look this stuff up. You will be floored what some bibles have called scriptures. I challenge everyone to learn of this subject.

Mentals Disorder For Christians
Elena, I am so happy for you. Doesn't it feel good when you find a place where you fit in? I'm happy you found such a church. Praise The Lord for your prayer answered. I feel like running around the block for you. Love you sister in The Lord.

Are Christians Confused
cluny, lighten up. You take pleasure in your insults. It obvious too. It was a figure of speech. You just like to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I can see you really take things way to seriously. Do you ever smile? You have no sense of humor. Ok ok ok, I will leave you alone but I will always take up for my faith and for myself. You have said some cruel things to me, especially about my faith.

What's Up November 2013?
lidia, I am so upset over your wallet getting stolen. I don't have any money but I do have a credit card, driver license, and military id card.

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
Mina. You aren't stuck. You however need to honor your vows unless you are mistreated or abused. if your husband is not saved, you need to pray for him and encourage him in every way.

What's Up November 2013?
Darlene, my brother was abusive to mom and dad. He never hit them but he yelled at them so neighbors could hear. He stole from them and when my dad passed away, my brother who was living in dad's house stealing money, and he didn't want to move like dads will said. We'll I'm no judge but my brother ended up on a vent in nursing home and lay there 6 yrs.i just don't think anyone can mistreat their parents.

Pre-Flood Language
When God speaks to the heart it's just as clear as words. At least for me it is. God has laid things on my heart that directed me to do certain things like helping someone.

What To Do For Salvation
christianet, with God all things are possible. Call upon the name of The Lord and thou shalt be saved. So for once you are right saying with God all things are possibles scripture does not say. ....elect will call on whoever because we are already saved. See how stupid that sounds?

How Is God All Knowing
Markv, I said I would pray for you that God will open your eyes. You are blind by and you are being held hostage by "something". Our yoke is easy and our burdens light but you labor in vain and you refuse to even hint you are wrong. You will stand before God some day and you will answer for those you have misled.

Cohabiting Middle-Aged Couple
Mary, no one should pass judgement on anyone else until they walk a mile in their shoes.

Is Dating A Sin
Dating involves lust if you let it. I choose not to let it and as a teen chose not to let it. You can provoke a date to see how they react and you can also watch how they treat their families.

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